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Family of John Grady born in Clare in 1832

I am looking for information on the family of my great-grandfather, John Grady. I have no information other than he was born in County Clare in 1832. He was in the United States by 29 Dec 1854 according to his marriage date. In the USA, he was listed as a stonecutter on several census records. He settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to, there are two John Gradys listed as born in Clare in 1832. One was born in Milltown Malbay to a Daniel Grady and Helen LeMoon. The other was born in Tulla to a Julies or Miles (record smudged) Grady and Mary McInerney. My great-grandfather's firstborn son was named Daniel Grady which leads me to believe he could be from Miltown Malbay considering Irish naming traditions. However, that is just guessing. We were told his parents were "John and Mary" which doesn't match up with either listing, exactly.  Is there any information on a Helen LeMoon from that area or on other children of Daniel and Helen Grady? I realize this is not very much information to go on. I DO have my DNA recorded on Ancestry.......Suellen Grady Pavlik







Saturday 13th January 2018, 10:00PM

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  • Dear Suellen:

    Thank you for your query to the Ireland Reaching Out message board and welcome to the site.

    The information that you have given does not appear to pinpoint John Grady to a specific location in County Clare.  However, there were Grady's in Tulla and the O'Grady clan was in East Clare, as well as West Clare. 

    The two baptism records that you have found are both worth looking at more closely.  You might also be interested in looking at the resources that are available online through the Clare Library website.  For your reference, the link is below:

    I have found the baptism entry for John Grady born to Miles Grady and Mary McInerney on 26 June 1832.  His residence was Scoubagh (now part of Ballyblood) and his sponsors were:  Martin Ryan and Bridget Ryan.  His siblings were:  Anne and Mary.  It appears that a John baptised in 1826 must have died as he is the 2nd child named John. 

    If you need further assistance, please let me know. 

    Kind regards,



    Monday 15th January 2018, 03:29PM
  • Dear Jane, 

    I appreciate you taking the time to look into my inquiry above. Thank you for explaining Scoubagh as it is now. That was difficult to decipher on the record I found. Most interesting to me was the names of 2 sisters, Anne and Mary. Those are both names used in the next generation, however, I am sure that is the case in 98% of Irish families! I will persue this thread.

    I assume there was nothing you found on the other John Grady born in 1832? This was the one I was more hopeful about.

    John Grady - Baptised on  6 May 1832 - Father - Daniel Grady and Mother - Helen LeMoon or Lemoon 

    Place - Milltown Malby, Clare, Ireland. Parish - Kilfarboy. Diocese - Killaloe..................................................................Thank You Very Much,  Suellen Pavlik

    Tuesday 16th January 2018, 11:45PM