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I am trying to confirm whether the Samuel Smith (b. 1778) is my 5th Great Grandfather.  I have detailed what I know below, including my verified lineage through my 4th Great Grandfather.  If you have information that may help, including info on siblings or his parents, or when and where he immigrated to in the United States, please let me know and thank you.

Samuel Smith 1778–1841 possible 5th Great Grandfather?

Birth ABT. 1778 • Ireland

Death ABT 1841 • Kentucky, USA

Baptism date 29 Jan 1778

Parish St. Andrew's, Dublin City  Alternative parish names  St. Andrew's, Westland Row

Father's name: Jois Smith Mother's first name: Cath(erine)

Wife Mary "Polly" Emerson (not sure if they married in Ireland or the USA)

Immigrated to the USA before 1799


Samuel H Smith 1748-1841
5th great-grandfather???


Samuel B Smith 1799-1880
Son of Samuel H Smith


Joseph O. Smith 1829-1895
Son of Samuel B Smith


James Beard Smith 1859-1925
Son of Joseph O. Smith


Florence S SMITH 1889-1953
Daughter of James Beard Smith


Genevieve Marie Harding 1911-2002
Daughter of Florence S SMITH



Saturday 5th October 2019, 08:11PM

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  • Would you please verify a couple of dates?  Samuel Smith born 1748 and baptised 1778 ?  That means he would have been aged around 30 at baptism.  The baptism was at a Catholic church.  A young man becoming a Catholic in Ireland then was putting himself at a disadvantage, although the worst of the penal laws against Catholics had been relaxed.  Another baptism at St. Andrew with parents Jois (?) and Catherine was Joes? 1771;  any connection? 

    Did Samuel and Mary Emerson marry before or after leaving Ireland?

    The links you posted are viewable only by people with Ancestry subscription. 

    I have a connection to a Smith family from Swords, County Dublin.

    Maggie May

    Sunday 6th October 2019, 02:14AM
  • Maggie,

    Thank you for your thoughtful question and reply.  My apologies about the confusion on Samuel's birth date.  My original post was incorrect and I will try to correct it.  Samuel's birth date was 1778, not 1748.  I am not sure if he married his wife in Ireland or the USA.  Since my original post, I have discovered the names and baptism dates of his siblings all born in Dublin City, Dublin, Ireland:  Joes Smith Dec. 16, 1771, Georgius Smith May 23, 1775, Maria Smith June 14, 1781. 

    I am not certain that this Samuel Smith is indeed my 5th Great Grandfather.  It is my current best guess, based on records I have uncovered so far.  He may have been born somewhere else in Ireland.  All I know with certainty is that Samuel Smith was born in Ireland in 1778 and had a son named Samuel who was born in the US in March 4, 1799.

    Kind regards, Theresa


    Thursday 10th October 2019, 07:43PM
  • Thanks for clarification. 

    I assume that "Joes" and "Jois"  were attempts at transcribing abbreviations for Joseph. The image of the register wasn't accessible on Irish the Government website. I found the microfilmed register on National Library of Ireland website but the pages and years seemed to be mixed-up so I haven't seen what was originally written on the page.  Georgius was obviously George. There may have been more than 1 Joseph & Catherine Smith husband & wife in Dublin. The registers lack detail.

    Was your Samuel Catholic? Although people did change religious affiliation or conform.

    There aren't many surviving Catholic registers from before 1800.  

    Immigration and travel records are also sparse before 1800. There is a section on emigration on Irish Genealogy Toolkit. It is under "Genealogy" tab. 

    Irish custom was to name 2 eldest sons after their grandfathers and 3rd son after his father but it wasn't always kept. Samuel's wife's family may have had a different tradition. 

    Maggie May

    Friday 11th October 2019, 01:10AM
  • Your insight on naming conventions is fascinating and I will consider this in my future research.  

    The Smith Family in later generations were devout Catholics and I assume this would be true for the unknown Samuel.  The search continues...

    My DNA points to Ulster as the place of origin for my Irish / Scot roots which accounts for 65% of my DNA match. I am unclear if the area I am searching is near Ulster or not?  My dad’s family, surname Brett, was from County Mayo. which could be the Ulster connection?

    Thank you so much for your kind assistance!



    Saturday 12th October 2019, 02:13AM