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I am looking for information about evictions from the Townlands in the Athleague / Creggs / Castlecoote / Fuerty area. In particular Aghagower, Creemully, Cooly, Carrowstellan, Ballinturly and Cloonyourish townlands. 

I recall seeing some eviction maps dated between 1847 and 1857. 

Any assistance gratefully received.

Adrian Dumsa 


Adrian D

Thursday 4th Nov 2021, 06:30AM

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  • Hi Adrian

    Here are some resources:

    Irish Famine Eviction 

    Famine Eviction Maps

    To inspect the population decline of any given townland, I'd also recommend comparing the population and housing reports (by townland) from the census of 1841 and 1851. For example, Aghagower townland (55 houses in 1841) lost 17 houses during the famine (38 houses in 1851). Moreover, its population more than halved during the famine and the numbers are staggering – 520 persons in 1841 down to 203 in 1851.  

    Here's the link for Connaught (Co. Roscommon begins on page 422)...  

    Census of Ireland 1881 Area, Population & Number of Houses

    Whether the loss of population was due to emigration, eviction, famine deaths, or a combination of all, would require further research, and I'd recommend various searches in Newspaper Archives for the landlord's name, the parish name, the townland name coupled with a broad range of vocabulary for "eviction" such as "extermination"...

    Hope this helps!

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 5th Nov 2021, 04:26AM
  • Attached Files

    Hello Adrian

    I have attached a map with some of the areas you mentioned, all in Roscommon (hope this is correct)


    Fuerty Parish is in the Barony of Athlone

    Poor Law Union of Roscommon

    Catholic Parish - Fuerty                       Fuerty Civil Parish of Elphin

    Catholic Diocese of Elphin


    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Saturday 6th Nov 2021, 12:13PM
  • Adrian do you have any names in Particular you are looking for


    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Saturday 6th Nov 2021, 12:13PM
  • Hello, Geraldine.

    Thank you for replying. The image of the table of the Parish of Fuerty was quite blurred so I could not see the data, nor could I see the column headings. 

    I have 3 sample maps created by Tim Duke which I am happy to share and which might give you an insight into my quest. 

    My email is 

    Kind regards,



    Adrian D

    Sunday 7th Nov 2021, 08:39AM

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