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My 2nd Great Grandparents Thomas Irvine McClintock and Mary Anne Elizabeth Arbin owned a farm in Carrowcannon, Donegal which was inherited from his father John McClintock. However it came into McClintock's hands via a Thomas Irvine, a McClintock had married his daughter.

The 1901 and 1911 census has Thomas I McClintock in Crossroads in Co. Donegal. He passed the farm onto his 2nd son Thomas Irvine McClintock who married Mary McKinley. The 1st son was my Great Grandfather and worked with Lough Swilly Railways.

Where would I go and what records do I look at to find out more about property records for County Donegal so I can find out more about who this farm was passed down? I've no idea where to start with this.


Many thanks




Saturday 11th January 2020, 03:44PM

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  • Rachel,

    There has only been a requirement to register land ownership in Ireland in fairly recent years (I think within the past 20 years). When land changed hands before that there was usually documentation, eg deeds of sale, or a lease etc. but they were held by the owner of the land, or by someone with an interest in the property eg a bank or other financial institution with a mortgage on it. And the deeds moved around when mortgages were paid off or property sold. So there’s no easy way of following the ownership trail, unless you have access to the deeds.

    The Valuation Revision records in the Valuation Office in Dublin may help a bit. They should show who occupied a property and who the owner or immediate superior landlord was. They cover the years from Griffiths Valuation up to the 1930s, and beyond in some cases. You could also search the Regsitry of Deeds records (which are on-line on the LDS site) to see if any leases, sales or marriage settlements are recorded there. It wasn't mandatory to register those documents, there was a fee to pay, and so many didn;t bother. But some did. Apart from that, the wills are possibly your best clue as to what happened to the property.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 18th January 2020, 11:12AM
  • Hello Rachel,

    I am related to the Irvine line you are researching. However, my records show that Mary Ann Elizabeth Arbin married John Irvine McClintock (stationmaster for Lough Swilly RR), in 1901, in Killybegs. (Not Thomas Irvine McClintock). John Irvine McClintock's father was Thomas Irvine McClintock who married Eliza Kilby. Perhaps you confused the father and son? 

    Regardless, I have researched the Valuation Revision Records on-line from Family Search (LDS) as well as in person at the office in Dublin. I would be happy to share the transfer of the Carrowcanon land timeline with you. John McClintock, father of the 1st Thomas Irvine McClintock, married Margaret Irvine (my 1st cousin 5x removed), father Thomas Irvine Sr. It was Thomas Irvine Sr.'s land at Carrowcanon, #5 on the GV survey, that went to John McClintock. 

    Please contact me directly ( for further information and discussion.




    Tuesday 14th April 2020, 12:53PM
  • Hi Susan, sorry I'm only seeing your reply now, I I'll send you an wee email. You are right about the 2 wife's, ive got them mixed up when typing my message above.



    Thursday 21st January 2021, 03:35PM