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Faughart Graveyard


just windering if anyone knows where you could get a list of all buried in Faughart graveyard and if there is a map to each grave?

My Great Grandmother is interred there. Mary Anne Grant (nee Muckian). She died in Birkenhead in 1908 but was buried in Faughart. Would love to know the gravesite.


Any response is appreciated 




Tuesday 10th March 2020, 11:28AM

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  • Hello Mark, appear to have missed this on the way through earlier, I looked at this site and see no grave entry for your ancestor I also have a lot of the Louth grave transcriptions in hard copy but no sign of Faughart graveyard, 

    I do not live close enough to offer to visit it but there is a private Facebook page Louth Genealogy and if you join you may find someone there living nearby, there are a number of Dundalk pages also but most on old photos etc

    There is an outside possiblity that her death was recorded in the local newpapers of the time but you probably have as much information as they would contain, otherwise you could mail the parish to see if they had a map etc



    St Peters Louth

    Saturday 14th March 2020, 11:29PM
  • Pat, really appreciat ethe reply. Will get in touch with the parish and check out the Facebook page


    Monday 16th March 2020, 11:07AM