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Fennell Ancestors


My name is Mairéad Caveney. I have been searching for ancestors on the Ireland XO site, among others. I met a lady who said a volunteer met her in her parish and was of considerable help in finding information on ancestors.

I am currently in Canada, but live from time to time in Ennis, Co Clare. I would like to know if there is anyone who might help me research ancestors in Kilrush, Co Clare, or Castlereagh, Co Roscommon. I spent 6 days in Castlereagh in May of 2014, searching, but didn't know the townland. I believe it might be Spring Garden, but I have no idea where in the county it is located. I have found the same spelling as mine in both Kiltullagh and Kilkeevin.

If there is anyone who might be of assistance, I'd appreciate hearing from them.

Kind regards,



Monday 28th August 2017, 09:36AM

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  • Mairéad:

    Welcome back to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I can try to assist you with your Kiltullagh/Kilkeevin Roscommon research. Let me know the specifics about the family you are researching.

    I will also contact our parish liaison in Kilrush to see if they can assist you. Let me know if you have not heard back from Kilrush in a week or so.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Monday 28th August 2017, 03:33PM
  • Hello Roger,

    Thanks for your reply. My great-grandfather was born in 1855. His name was MIchael Patrick Caveney, although it has been transcribed as "Keaveney" on both his marriage certificate [with notation of name as Michael Caveney] and death certificates. His father's name on Michael Patrick's marriage certificate in noted also as Michael, Blacksmith and deceased at the time of Michael Patrick's marriage in February 1882. He married Ellen Cosgrove from Balbriggan Co Dublin, in Manchester UK.

    I have had cousins tell me that MIchael Patrick's mother's name was Winifred, but unfortunately no surname. The first name makes sense, as one of Michael Patrick and Ellen's daughters was named Winifred, as well as a neice.

    I don't recall where, but I found a Michael Caveney in Spring Gardens Townland. On the same page there was a Brian Delaney who had a forge. I'm wondering if that might be where my gg-grandfather became/worked as a blacksmith.

    I'm sorry I have no knowledge of siblings or the date that Michael Patrick emigrated to the UK. I have so little information, but still would like to find my ancestors. I appreciate any help you may offer.

    Kind regards


    Thursday 31st August 2017, 09:59AM
  • Mairéad:

    I searched on Roots Ireland and the closest baptismal record for a Michael keaveney with a father Michael is the one below in Tibohine/Fairymount and known today as Frenchpark. This would be to the north of Kiltullagh/Kilkeevin. Mother was not Winifred but one of the sponsors was a Winifred.


    Name:Michael KevanyDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:12-Oct-1856Address:Not RecordedParish/District:TIBOHINE-FAIRYMOUNTGender:MaleCountyCo. Roscommon
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Michael KevanyMother:Brigid DowdOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:John Kenny Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Winefride Kevany 

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 1st September 2017, 04:36PM
  • Hello Roger,

    Thanks for that information.  I'm trying to figure out a relationship that might work. When in Castlereagh in 2014, I think I was in the area of Frenchpark, but hadn't enough information to go on.

    I also found a Michael Caveney in the Townland of ARM, Parish of Kilkeevin. Not sure if this might be any of my ancestors. I'll need to search that one further.


    Saturday 2nd September 2017, 11:06AM

    Hi Mairead, I am researching the Hussey Clan from Killtullagh in Roscommon so am quite familiar with the townlands there.

    First off, as I understand it Kiltullagh is the Roman Catholic name of the Parish and Kilkeevan is the Church of Ireland name for roughly the same parish.

    I have a record that I found on the Find My Past website which is basically a sales brochure for the Estate of Lowberry in Castlereagh County Roscommon in 1856. In the brochure it breaks the estate up into all the townlands (13) one of which is Spring Gardens which today lies not far from the village of Granlahan south of Ballinlough. The brochure is quite detailed with a map of the whole estate, then maps of each individual townland as well as a list of sitting tenants in each townland at the time.

    I can tell you that in Lot 8. Spring Gardens, it lists a Michael Caveney as a tenant paying six pounds a year to rent 7 acres and Bryan Delaney is also listed as a tenant in Spring Gardens as well. 

    Also in Lot 2. Pollanarroo it lists Pat & John Caveney as tenants sharing 12 acres.

    Hopefully this Link works:

    Let me know how you go


    Peter Hussey

    Peter Hussey

    Saturday 6th January 2018, 06:04AM
  • Hello, Peter,

    So very good to hear from you. I was fascinated by the information you shared with me. I'm sorry it took awhile to reply to you. I tried to log in, but it kept saying my login didn't match their records, despite having written it and typed it as I had recorded it! I have now created a new password, so hopefully I'll be able to log in and be in contact with you.

    I have worked with the study centre here in Ennis. The assistant gave me a map of the Parishes in Co Roscommon, where it shows Kiltullagh and Kilkeevan as two separate parishes. He helped me located my surname, and vaiable spellings, in both of those parishes.

    I have posted a photo of my great-grandfather, when he visited his native village, with relics of the forge behind him. I'm just not sure how you might see it. It did come to me in an email, after posting it, where they send out ancestors posted to the Ireland XO website. I did also add one of my great-grandmother, who married Michael Patrick in Manchester, but I haven't seen that one on the website yet.

    I did try to access the information on the Find My Past website, but I am not a paying member, so could not see any records. The names of the two tenants sharing Lot 2, make sense to be relatives. My grandfather's second name was John and his brother was William Patrick. He likely was also named after his father's second name.

    If you would agree to continue exchanging information by email [as I find that way easier] I will gladly give you my email address.

    Good luck with your research, Peter.

    Kind regards,



    Tuesday 9th January 2018, 05:35PM

    This is the link to photo of my great-grandfather.




    Tuesday 9th January 2018, 05:43PM