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Fennels and Pendergasts from Queen's County, Ireland between 1760-1850


My family has been trying to track down some more information on some of our ancestors that came to the United States from Queen's County, Ireland.  Unfortunately, we have very little information about our Irish ancestors prior to around 1860, other than some family oral lore that may not be entirely accurate. In particular, we are trying to find anything we can about the following individuals and/or any family that might have remained behind.  We don't know for sure if they were from Ballyadams, as that is purely based on oral tradition, but we are pretty sure they were at least all from what was then Queen's County.


John Fennell (born 1760-1770?) and his wife Nancy Pendergast (born 1780-1790?)

Known children: MIchael Fennell (~1826)

                          John Fennell (~1826)

                          James Fennell (~1829)

                          Anna Fennell (~1836)

                          Edward Fennell (~1837)


Family lore claims that John & Nancy had several more children that died in Ireland, but we have no idea exactly how many or what their names were.  The father John Fennell also died in Ireland, but again, we have no idea exactly when or where beyond Queen's County.

What we do know is that somewhere around 1848, Nancy Fennell (nee' Pendergast) and her surviving children (John, James, Anna, and Edward) moved to the United States.  Family tradition claims they left Ireland in 1848, but we have no evidence to support this and in fact what little we do have suggests that they didn't arrive until 1850-1851 in any case.  It is possible they left later, or perhaps stayed a year or two in England before continuing on, but in any  case it would have been around that time.

The birth years on John Sr and Nancy are based on entries in a single family Bible written years later and may not be accurate. The four Fennell children also have inconsistant ages on various documents, meaning their birth years are also probably not accurate, although they should be relatively close, within a year or two.

Again, we don't know exactly where they are from in Ireland, although there is consistant mention of Queen's County across multiple documents, and no mention whatsoever of any other county. Reference to Ballyadams also shows up in a couple of places, but not in any context I'd call completely reliable, but it's at least a place to start.  We do know they were primarily farmers and dairymen here, and almost certainly had been farmers before coming to America as well.


If anyone out there has any information about Fennells or Pendergasts from Queen's County that might fit this description, we'd love to hear it!  We'd also appreciate any advice or suggestions on other avenues to explore in trying to track down this family. We really want to find out more about these ancestors (James Fennell was my great-great-great grandather) and the area they came from in Ireland.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!








Wednesday 8th November 2017, 05:16AM

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