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Thanks for reaching out.

I'm interested in a Fergus Kelly of Cloghagalla (Eighter) Aughrim. I have him on Griffiths valuation 1855, but don't  know how to find his date of birth and death, who he was married to etc. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am coming over in four weeks, is there a drop in centre in Aughrim, or does xo not work like that ?

Thanks and best regards

Kevin Bainbridge

kevin bainbridge

Sunday 20th May 2012, 12:36PM

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  • As a visitor 5 years ago it is a quiet little 2 church, one pub town.  See Catherine Finn at Finn's Pub and you will be introduced to the local contacts.  I enjoyed my visit and found the people most friendly.


    Monday 21st May 2012, 10:13PM
  • Thanks James, I will do just that. I'm really looking forward to the trip.

    Best wishes Kevin.

    kevin bainbridge

    Thursday 24th May 2012, 04:15PM
  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the message, I will email Mary now.



    kevin bainbridge

    Thursday 24th May 2012, 04:19PM
  • Found a fergus kelly married to anne Egan who had a daughter bridget in 1833. Living in Crowsnest.Ireland--Near Ballymanagh I believe


    Catherine colahan

    Friday 1st March 2013, 04:20AM
  • Hi

    I would be very interested in any information regarding Fergus Kelly also.  Did you get anywhere in your research?

    I seem to have reached a dead end.



    Thursday 30th October 2014, 10:40AM
  • I have found Fergus Kelly and Aan Egan marraige revords in Drum Roscommon and the Eighter in Griffins valuation and Crowsnest where their children were born


    Friday 1st September 2017, 12:09AM