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Fergus McInerney - Farmer at Hollymount, Cappard/Kilthomas, Galway

Hello, I appear to have hit a wall in my family tree due to lack of records on one family member - Fergus McInerney.

My family has a long family history as farmers and in particular at Hollymount, Cappard/Kilthomas, Galway. My great-granfather John Brody (bn 1882 from Scarriff/Killanena, Co Clare and also a farmer) married into the McInerney family by marriage to Bridget McInerney (bn abt 1884) and took over as head of the Hosuehold at Hollymount where they lived with Bridget's widowed mother; another Bridget McInerney (bn abt 1858). There they had my Grandad, John Brody and his siblings Fred, Patrick, Delia (also Dilly) and Catherine (also Kitty).

Now where I am getting stuck is on who my great grandmother Bridget McInerney's (1884) father was / Bridget McInereny's (1858) husband. From my great grandparents marriage certificate I can see that he was called Fergus McInernery and he was deceased at the time of their wedding which was 1911 only 2 months before that years census. Bridget McInerney Senior also appeared as widowed with her daughters Bridget (ggm) and Mary on the 1901 census so he was deceased by 1901. The ONLY other record I can find of him is a dog registry for the farm in 1878, so I know that he was alive in 1878 and dead by 1901 basically but I cannot find any birth, baptism, death, marriage or funeral records for him anywhere and so its causing me a wall. His wife's maiden name (Bridget Snr) was Loughrey and this tallys up other records of her parents who were Michael Loughrey and Anne Welshe of Kilbeacandy/Gortacarnaun. 

Rather confusingly though it appears Hollymount was more of an estate with several buildings housing several different farming families - one of which was another family of McInenery's in another house at Hollymount and rather awkwardly (for me in my search!) a further couple of Bridgets of similar age! They were however a considerably bigger family with a fair bit of USA/worldwide emmigration though and I think unrelated to my McInerney side although they lived in close proximity.

If anyone could advise where else I can look for records on my 2nd great grandfather Fergus McInerney that would be wonderful! So far he's is only mentioned on an 1878 dog register, the marriage certificate of my great grandparents and also an amended note added to a 1851 census registry for some reason.


Monday 22nd July 2019, 09:59PM

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  • Sophie

    Monday 22nd July 2019, 10:01PM

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  • Hi Miriam,

    Thank you very much for your help, I am glad it is not just me who is flumoxed by Fergus! I have attached the one other record that mentions a "Fergus McInerney" although I dont really udnerstand it or what it is, it came up under the 1851 cenus search for Bridget Loughrey's parents, and its almost like they've gone back and added the note of her married address to it?

    The address mentioned for Bridget Loughery is "Mrs Fergus McInerney" at the very same Hollymount farm which the remaining generations of family continued to live at until my grandad's emmigration to England. However I cant find a record of their marriage anywhere.

    Do the records I've just attached throw up any more ideas!? Your help is very appreciated!


    Tuesday 23rd July 2019, 01:05PM

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  • Wow thank you Miriam I was really confused as to what that document was so its great to know exactly what it is and what is for! Currently waiting for my DNA results to come through so hoping that will help me confirm alot of queries in the tree instead which is great. Fergus was one brick wall.... now over to the Country Clare message boards for my other brick wall - another ggg of mine who was also a rural farmer! 


    Tuesday 23rd July 2019, 02:15PM
  • Hi Mirium,

    Whilst searching for more on Fergus of Hollymount -Kilthomas/Peterswell, my searches have thrown up "Fardy" McInerney. The are more dog registries and a court documents that refer to him as Fardy or Thardy I believe (attached). From other forums and looking at other census' it does appear Fardy is a version of Fergus so it looks like we have the same person who went by either Fergus/Fardy.

    A little bit more digging and I have found the following grave stone whereby his father Denis of Hollymount had the grave arrnaged for his son "Fardy" - this again backs up the point that Fardy/Fergus must have dies between 1878 (last dog registry) and 1901 (where is wife is then widowed with her 2 daughters on the census) - as death records of Denis McInerney of Hollymount show he died after his son around 1905 mark:

    So whilst we know Fergus/Fardy certainly existed - I still cant find any SOLID records by way of birth/baptism/marriage/death at all!!

    My next step is looking into the records of Bridget's sister Mary to see if she has any mention of her father anywhere.


    Thursday 25th July 2019, 09:50AM

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  • Hi Mirium

    Sorry yes it does say plot with him not for him - and thats brilliant I never would have thought to search Corrow instead. Funnily enough on the same grave record there is a Corrow grave for John Corrow born abt 1792 by his wife Catherine - could these be thre parents of Mary Currow (mistranscribed Corrow) and the Fergus Corrow you sent me the link to? So Mary and Denis would have essentially named their son Fardy/Fergus McInerney after Mary's brother Fergus Corrow? 



    Thursday 25th July 2019, 01:33PM
  • Ignore me! Just saw I've totally misread the grave tracription wrong again (35 degrees here is clearly not helping!) 

    So her husband John actually died aged 60 in 1894. So looks like my Mary Currow (Corrow) would have been sister to John Corrow mentioned at the same graveyard by his wife Catherine. Looks like the link to Fergus' Corrow marriage cert that you sent me was her nehpew like you say, from another brother of hers, a Pattrick Corrow, which would make sense as their father was of course Pattrick Corrow as we know from the McInerney grave at the same graveyard.

    Phew - think thats it!


    Thursday 25th July 2019, 01:45PM
  •  Hi I am one of those other McInerney‘s from Hollymount ,Peterswell,  my grandfather was John McInerney , my great grandfather was William Mc Inerney I am stuck there I cannot go any further back , there are lots of Bridgets in my family to , my grandmother was Nee,  Great grandmother was Fahy,   And grandmother Nee , her sister married Loughrey , so there may be a connection somewhere what do you think   Mary Anne Hickey (Mc Inerney)


    Saturday 16th November 2019, 08:47PM