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Ferguson / Brooks families

Hello all!

My ancestor, George Ferguson from Latmacollum, married Susan Brooks from Drumconwell in 1873 and immediately came to the US. I believe he had a brother James Price Ferguson. His parents were William ad Jane, possibly from Scotland (like most Fergusons) by way of Londonderry. Looking for any more info. Visited this beautiful area in Oct2019 and are planning a 2nd trip when the craziness subsides. 

Be well!


Tuesday 25th August 2020, 09:44PM

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  • The tithe applotment records for 1832 list William as farming in Latmacollum then:

    Griffiths Valuation for 1864 lists William Ferguson as having plot 2 (a 5 acre farm) on Latmacollum townland. Today the land is beside the modern Ballymoran Rd.  Judging from Google earth, the farmhouse itself is gone and the land looks to have been consolidated into a neighbouring farm.

    The Valuation Revision records take Griffiths forwards. They show William Ferguson remaining as tenant till 1885 when he was apparently replaced by James Ferguson. Then in 1893 it changed to George Jamison. In 1894 the farm house was noted as “down” ie it had collapsed or been demolished.

    William Ferguson died at Killycopple 11.12.1883 aged 79. His wife was still alive. The informant was John Neville of Killycopple.

    John Neville in 1901:

    Marriage registration started in 1845 (for non RC marriages).  I don’t see a marriage for William & Jane 1845 onwards so suspect they married before that, in which case the records may not be on-line. You would need to have an idea of where they married to search for that record.  Likewise birth registration only started in 1864 so for George’s birth and that of any siblings, you would need church baptism records.  You would need to search the records for churches in that area in PRONI in Belfast. However if the family were Churhc of Ireland and attended Lisnadill church, their early records were lost in the 1922 fire. If they attended Aghavilly, then their records start in 1844.

    The Northern NJ Ferguson tree on Ancestry has this family. It has William’s wife as Jane Page 1809-1890. 3 children are listed James Price Ferguson 1845 – nk; George 1849 – 1901 & David (no dates).

    This is the only Jane Ferguson death in that area in 1890. However the age doesn’t fit and the informant was her son John. So not sure it is correct:

    Regarding the family originating in Scotland, that seems very likely given the geographic location i.e. Armagh being a county where lost of Scots settled. Likewise with it being a Scottish surname that also points to that origin. Probably their religious denomination does too. I suspect they were either Presbyterian or Churhc of Ireland.  The main settlement of Scots in Ireland was in the 1600s, so that’s when I’d have expected them to have arrived.


    Wednesday 26th August 2020, 05:12AM
  • Elwyn, thank you so much for this confirmation. The Northern NJ Ferguson tree is mine but I wasn'yt 100% sure about a few items. I look forward to reviewing the links you included.




    Thursday 27th August 2020, 02:41PM