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Does anyone know if burial registers exist for the Fermoy Military Cemetery, and/or know of any other source for trying to trace a possible burial there in 1921?

Charlie Watson

Friday 16th April 2021, 09:39AM

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  • You can access the burial register here:
    It looks like there are 22 war casualties, only one, named Exley, who was buried in 1921.


    Friday 16th April 2021, 03:26PM
  • Hi Charlie,

    Google (1) Fermoy Military Cemetery (apparently there were two) and (2) there is a Fermoy Community Group - Fermoy Genealogy which you should make contact with.

    The Memorial is in memory of the 1914-18 - War Dead.

    1921 was a difficult year in County Cork, due to the Irish War of Independence.





    Friday 16th April 2021, 03:50PM
  • Thanks for this.

    I volunteer for the IFTC project (In From The Cold), which works with the CWGC (Commonwealth War Graves Commission) to find the as yet unknown graves of military and naval personnel who died within the UK and Ireland whilst on active service.

    Jack Self died at Fermoy as the result of an accidental discharge of a firearm, so the obvious place to look was in the Military Cemetery there. I'm aware he's not on the memorial, but wondered if all men were? He was a native of Bristol but isn't buried in that city either.

    It's a conundrum!

    Charlie Watson

    Tuesday 20th April 2021, 01:53PM
  • Hi Charlie, records his death as on March 24th 1921 at Kilworth Camp, Fermoy:

    Jack Howard Self, 19 years, Soldier Private. Gunshot Wound through the Heart. Death instantaneous - Accidental. Inquiry held New Barracks, Fermoy 25th March 1921. Death registered in the District of Kilworth, Fermoy.

    I will check the local newspapers to see if there is any reference to his death or burial.




    Wednesday 21st April 2021, 07:41AM
  • Hello Charlie,
    According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Jack Howard Self is buried in the UK and either buried or remembered on a panel at Brookwood Military Cemetery, about 30 miles outside of London.
    Click here:
    When you get the page, there is an option to download the entire list of burials. If you do that, you can see the information for JH Self.
    I hope this is helpful.


    Wednesday 21st April 2021, 08:39PM
  • Thanks very much for all your replies. Much appreciated!

    However, I have his registration of death record, whilst The Brooklands Memorial records the deaths of service personnel with no known grave. Noone is buried there, so our job is to try and locate the actual grave.

    Yes please to the offer to consult local papers.

    I've also written to the Fermoy Community Group to see if they have any clues.

    Again, many thanks to you all.

    Charlie watson


    Charlie Watson

    Thursday 22nd April 2021, 09:08AM
  • Hi Charlie,

    I have checked for the death/burial of Private Jack Howard Self in the County Cork newspapers for 1921 and adjoining counties. Nothing found!

    His death is recorded in "Centenary Timeline for County of Cork - 1920 - 1923.  Having regard to the situation at the time, it is likely he was buried locally?

    Best Wishes,


    Thursday 22nd April 2021, 03:27PM