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Finding location of McShane Farm

I am trying to locate where the McShane's lived and farmed.  My GGG Grandfather Cornelius (Condy) died 1865.  His wife and children emigrated to the US.  Their Tiwland was Carrick. Parish: Glencolumbkille Barony: Banagh and Poor Law Union Glenties.  I am visiting in November.  Any assistance would be wonderful.  Kelly

Kelly j

Tuesday 19th September 2017, 05:47PM

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  • Kelly:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    There is a village of Carrick in Glencolumbkille parish and I remember driving thru Carrick on our way to Slieve League on a trip two years ago.

    We do have a parish liaison who is more familiar with the area and I will alert her to your message. Let me know if you have not heard back in a week or so.

    Have a great trip!

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 19th September 2017, 06:50PM
  • Hi Kelly,

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I happen to be the Parish liaison for Clondavaddog and not Glencolmkille, but I was asked to see if I could maybe have a quick look, as they may be very busy at present as is the case with myself the majority of the time. I am sure they will be able to come back and add to it later. Because it is the 1850’s I tried referencing the Griffith Valuation for any McShane family names living in and around Carrick, Glencolmkille.

    Search for McShane Family Households in the Griffith Valuation (Barony of Banagh)=

    The Griffith Valuation actually gave up three by the name of Condy McShane’s (2 records attached to this message). Cornelius in Rinnkill and Ummerawirrinan would be the same person and the Cornelius in Kilcasey possibly different. Condy is a very popular name back then, something I am only realizing now.

    Griffith Valuation - Condy McShane PLOT 6a Rinnakill & PLOT#3 Ummerawirrinan, Parish of Glencolmkille

    Occupier:             Condy M'shane

    Lessor:                  Thomas Conolly

    County:                Donegal

    Barony:                Banagh

    Parish:                  Glencolumbkille

    Townland:           Ummerawirrinan

    Townland of Ummerawirrinan, Parish of Glencolmkille

    1901 Cesus Ireland - McShane family in Ummerawirrinan

    1911 Census Ireland - McShane families of Ummerawirrinan

    Occupier:             Condy M'shane

    Lessor:                  Thomas Conolly

    County:                Donegal

    Barony:                Banagh

    Parish:                 Glencolumbkille

    Townland:           Rinnakill

    Townland of Rinnakill, Parish of Glencolmkille

    NO McShane families living in Rinnakill in the 1901 or 1911 Census Ireland


    Griffith Valuation McShane Family - Condy PLOT#6a, Patrick PLOT#6b & John PLOT#5, Kilcasey, Parish of Kilcar

    Occupier:             Condy M'shane

    Lessor:                  H G Murray Stewart

    County:                Donegal

    Barony:                Banagh

    Parish:                  Kilcar

    Townland:           Kilcasey

    Townland of Kilcasey, Parish of Kilcar

    1901 Census Ireland - McShane families in Kilcasey

    1911 Census Ireland - McShane families in Kilcasey


    Interpret the 1850’s Griffith Valuation Maps, and locating these on Google Maps  for the PLOTS for the 3 x Cornelius McShane’s from back in the 1850's.

    Location of the 1850's Condy McShane PLOT#3 in Ummerawirrinanl (Google Maps)

    Location of the 1850's Condy McShane PLOT#6a in Rinnikill (Google Maps)

    Location of the 1850's Condy McShane PLOT#6 in Kilcaseyl (Google Maps)

    How to use site:

    1) Visit the link (above)

    2) Change Map to Satellite (top left of screen)

    3) Zoom in to find the Townland.

    4) Find the PLOT of land using the family Plot numbers given on the sheet.

    5) Use slider to help slide between Historical Map and Modern Map (upper right corner) to see whats there present day.

    6) Google Maps - Open an extra page with Google Maps and compare that locations on both sites.

    If there is any suggestions that you might have, or if there is an interest in one off these families more than the others. I hope this helps. Seamus Callaghan

    Clondavaddog Donegal

    Sunday 24th September 2017, 02:42PM

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  • Thanks Seamus!


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Sunday 24th September 2017, 07:25PM

    Thank you SO MUCH Seamus and Roger.  The good news is I found a Civil Marriage Record for Condy's daughter and lists Rhinnakill as her Towland.  So Rinnakill it is.  I did have a few more questions.  All of Condy's and Mary's children were married in Ireland before emigrating to US.  I found two marriage records, both for Condy Jr and Ann.  Yet cannot find any for the other children.  Do you have any suggestions?  Also, ROger, my mom were the Kelly's (maybe Kelley's) from Roscommon.  My Great Great Grandfather was Michael Kelly born and baptised 4/26/1796 at St Peter's Athlone, Drum County, Roscommon  (Diocese:  Elphin.  Father was Danielis and Mother was Maria Reddy).  Is this church still in existence.  My other grandparents were part of County Roscommon, Docese Ellphin, Parish Kilbride (Four Mile House).  I am so excited and happy to honor my parents by visiting their roots.  Thanks for all your help with locating the farm, does it come with a box of kleenex, because when I see it in person I will need it.  Sincerely,  Kelly Johnson "McShane"  Jacobius


    Kelly j

    Saturday 11th November 2017, 01:29PM
  • Kelly:

    Are you still in Ireland? I just returned last night. Let us know how you made out.

    While I was there, more civil marriage records were added to   Previously the marriage images started in 1882 but now the records should be available back to 1869. Earlier records will likely be added next year.

    Here is a the link to the parish web site for St. Peter's Athlone




    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 17th November 2017, 08:28PM