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Hi, I am researching my Flannagan ancestors. My 3x Grandmother Mary Ann Finneran  nee Flanagan was born in Ireland . Her DC ( attached) revealed that her father was named as John Flanagan Butcher. She was born around 1831. I am not sure when she married into the Finneran family but it may have been about a year before her first child, somewhere around 1851. The DC of one of the sons says he was born in Dublin in 1853 but they may have moved there from a rural area.

I have done my DNA and there are Finneran based results of distant cousins around the Strokestown, Athlone,Ballisasloe areas. I only mention it because Mary Ann may have married a local boy( William Finneran) who was a builder by trade.

Later during 1854,the Finnerans  migrated to Australia  settled in Goulburn NSW. I do not know if the Flanagans came to NSW before or after their immigration or they stayed in Ireland. I've checked convict records and there are quite a lot of John Flanagans listed.

My Gedmatch is PP7906302. Hope someone can point me in the direction of John Flanagan , Butcher.

Regards Viv in NSW


Wednesday 30th September 2020, 11:54PM

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  • I met someone like your description :( But then looking back, I was wrong

     happy wheels


    Thursday 1st October 2020, 10:03AM
  • Thanks Viv, I appreciate the info. I'll look into further but Mary Flanagan was alone when she sailed to Australia as an Orphan Girl :( so it might be a different family. I'll let you know what I find though.


    Sunday 14th March 2021, 11:27PM
  • Dear Researcher, Thanks very much.The name of the butcher looks like Luke but the next 3 generations were called william john so presume its john.  Regards viv in nsw


    Tuesday 16th March 2021, 02:28AM