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HI to all FLYNNS out there I have bumped this conversation in the hope that someone new might be able to add something fresh,

its a long post but please read from the start and hopefully someone may just have a few answers, unfortunately every thing that was reported back by the contributors was either already known to us or had been explored to no avail, we are still researching in 2022 and still cant nail down James Flynn's irish roots

thanks in advance to any responders




Hello and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post

I have been researching my family history for nearly a decade and by far one of the biggest missing pieces in my family tree is my link to county Roscommon, my ancester is a gentleman named James Flynn who by his own testament given to government for his employment status / evidence of age states that he was born in the parish of St Peters County Roscommon on March 21st 1819 . Unfortunately all attempts to trace any evidence to this fact  has so far eluded me, the only other piece of information that could help is that I know his father was called Michael ( name given on james's marriage cert ) and that he was classed as "gentleman". What makes this one big puzzle is that these are the only records that I have to help identify which part of the Flynn family James came from.

Many thanks to you all, for your contributions and replies, I have been chasing James Flynn for many years now and in honesty my hope was that someone out there would have heard the story of a Flynn ancestor making his fortune in India, reason being is that many of my Irish friends seem to know their family history well as they are told tales by their elders. So in the hope of jogging on a little I will give some more about the man himself.

James Flynn was said to be born in the county of Roscommon and baptized in St  Peters in 1819 (taken from his civil service evidence of age papers with the East India Company )

the first records that we have found in India for James is in 1841 as a junior translator for the supreme court in Bombay.

How he got to india / trained / learnt his languages / entered service is still unknown so there is a 22 year gap in Jame's history that is unknow

James progressed through the judiciary service to become the senior translator for the Supreme court and the High court in Bombay and was a master lecturer in the oriental studies department of the University of Bombay.

James returned to England to take a wife and was Married at the London Oratory in Kensington to Magdalen Crosby.

James and Magdalen had four children  three daughters  Annie Flynn ,Mary Flynn, Eliza Flynn and a son James Joseph Bernard Flynn

Mary when older travelled with Helena Blavatsky the renowned theologist Known as H.P.B.

The only travel record found for James is to go to England for his wedding and his return to Bombay.

I am hoping that there may be some Flynn relatives who may have heard of a distant relative who instead of taking the Usual route to America or Australia, instead went off to India and became a much respected member of the supreme judiciary and was a highly regarded translator who spoke many languages and dialects. I know a great deal about James life in India and have traced the family coming forward to the present day but to receive any help in finding the missing pieces of the Flynn puzzle would be greatly appreciated.


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