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I'm going to add a post here for the Templeboy parish just to leave a record. I posted this on the Sligo board itself and I got some nice responses from folks there.  The families discussed below had some of their children in Templeboy.  The first children of Miles & Honora Gallagher Forbes were born in Ireland in the late 1820's, the rest in the Toronto Canada area.  The children of my 3rd great grandparents, James & Mary Ann Gallagher Forbes all seemed to have been born in Canada.  The families then moved to the Cincinnati, Ohio area (both Ohio and northern Kentucky) in the 1840's.  Again, I don't know whether Honora and Mary Ann are related.  I match DNA for some descendants of the Miles & Honora Forbes family.


Was working on this some more today.  Since I first wrote this post, I confirmed that my 3rd great grandparents, James Forbes & Mary Gallagher had another family that came to Canada with them and then moved to the Cincinnati, Ohio area (including across the river in northern Kentucky) in the U.S.  They were Miles Forbes (my great-great grandfather's name also) and his wife Honora Gallagher.  I don't know that Honora and my 3rd great grandmoter were related, although my guess is they were). 

I've worked on finding the connection to this other Forbes family since they showed being in Canada and they settled here, plus some of the sons had the same trade as my great-great grandfather - carriage makers and/or painters.  I subsequently came across a descendent of this Miles and Honora Forbes who matches with my DNA.  In fact, one of their descendants and my uncle both served as judges in our county court system here and never knew they were 4th cousins!

Today I looked at a couple of records that popped up for Miles & Honora, baptismal records for two children in the records of Templeboy parish in the diocese of Killala in County Sligo; a daughter Miriam baptized on December 3, 1827 and a son Jacob baptized also on December 3, 1929.  For Miriam, her godfather shows as Michael Gallagher who is listed on tithe applotment book listed above with James Forbes (which is my great-great grandfather).  That book shows the Townland/Street as Barnacoghill.

I'm hopeful this has allowed me to find our home town for this family.


Tuesday 18th February 2020, 02:07PM

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  • Hello -- I see you've got some of the trail down. I am not familair enough with that part of Co Sligo - northwest of me in the Corran area but I put the following [Templeboy parish in the diocese of Killala in County Sligo] into my search engine - duckduckgo - and up came a number or source sites. I'd recommend having a look at those for more searching.  There aren't nig towns in that area - mostly small villages. Find your townland and check the maps of the area. Tis a start. Steve



    Drumrat Sligo

    Saturday 18th July 2020, 01:51AM