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Fox Family 1800's

Hello all, my Fox's from Offaly are proving to be my brick wall. I'll put what I have below but would love to hear from anyne with Fox's from Offaly, even if you don't think we are related as I am trying to eliminate names as well as gather them. 

Christopher Fox born about 1800 with no death date found married Margaret Byrne born 1806 and died in Australia in 1881.

They married in Philipstown (now Daingean) in 1836. 

I have been able to confirm they had at least 4 chidren:

Bridget 1838 who married in Australia to Thomas Brown and died here in 1918.

Mary 1845 and was baptised in Killeigh. No confirmed death or marriage as yet but there's no record of her coming to Australia. 

Honoria 1847 and was baptised in Killeigh. Again, no confirmed death or marriage and no record of coming to Australia. 

Michael 1842, no birth record but I do have the record for when Michael travelled to Australia with Margaret in 1866 where she was listed as a widow. Michael married Rose Reilly from Ireland here in Australia in 1873. 

I do have a death record from 1849 Kilnagall where a Mary and Hanora are both listed as dying within a day of eachother in the infirmary, and there is also a Pat and Jack Fox on the same record. I'm trying to connect this record at the moment. There was a cholera epidemic in the year they all died, so I suspect that’s what happened. 

I'm on Gedcom A306167 if anyone would like to check for DNA matches. 

Names that consistently show in my family tree are Christopher, Margaret, Bridgit, Margaret, Mary, Hanora, Michael, Rose, Patrick, John, Thomas and Catherine.


Saturday 12th January 2019, 01:37AM

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Killeigh (Offaly)

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  • My great-grandfather, James Cullen, was born in the townland of Eskermore in the parish of  Philipstown in 1836 (another name for the parish is Daingean),  As you may know already, the parish of Killeigh adjoins Daingean to the south.   The online parish records for Killeigh only go back to 1844, but you may be able to find a couple of those children there.  A few records in Daingean go back to 1796, but otherwise there are gaps in the period you want (at least for Christopher).  I  was lucky enough to find my great-great-grandfather's baptismal record there in 1796, and you might be able to find your ancestor as well, given the dates involved.  You can find the records here and download them for future use:



    I compared our DNA kits at GEDMATCH, and we are at least distantly related.  With the threshold lowered to 3 cM, we had some 61 cM of total match, but al in small segments (the largest being 5 cM).  The small segments would normally indicate a distant repationship, but I've never had so many small segments of match with someone before and with such a hight total of match, without at least having one long segment as well.   Not sure what it means, but here are the results, without the comparison at each chromosone, because that is displaying oddly at GEDMATCH right now:

    Comparing Kit A306167 (*grayfox) [Migration - F2 - A] and T780556 (Kevin Jewell) [Migration - F2 - T]

    Segment threshold size will be adjusted dynamically between 200 and 400 SNPs
    Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM
    Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment.

    Largest segment = 5.0 cM

    Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 61.7 cM (1.719 Pct)

    17 shared segments found for this comparison.

    416265 SNPs used for this comparison.

    52.763 Pct SNPs are full identical

    I've had a number of matches with people who have the surname Fox in their ancestry, and in fact there were several Foxes who were sponsors at baptisms of people in my family in Offaly, but the Fox surname is also commmon in a few other places, especially Mayo, where two of my grandparents grrew up.  Several Irish surnames were anglicized as Fox, including Mac Shanaghy in Mayo (Mac [an] Seanchaidhe in Irish, meaning "son of the storyteller"), through mistranslation and confusion with the word "sionnach" ("fox"). Some of the Fox's in Mayo are, however, descended from the O'Kearney (Ó Catharnaigh) family which originated in Meath, which is said to have acquired the name Fox because the head of the family long ago was known as "The Fox".  I think the Offaly Fox's come from that family, but some of them may also have been Mac Shanaghy's.


    Saturday 12th January 2019, 08:56PM
  • Hello Kevin, it's so kind of you to reply to my post. I've jumped onto Gedmatch and you match with my father at just over 5cm, and his 1st cousin on the Fox side also. My dad's number is A264893 if you would like to look at it. Our match is intriguing, i've also never seen so many lower matchs across so many CM. I've been searching the records for some time now seeking any sort of confirmation of Christopher, most especially I want to find his death. With Michael being born in 1842, and Margaret being listed as a widow in 1866 i've at least got a time frame. I did find a record of Griffiths for a Margaret Fox at Gorteen in 1855. Given it's proximity to Killeigh and Daingean i'm assuming it is my Margaret. If that's the case, it would narrow the death of Christopher to between 1842 and 1855. I'm travelling to Ireland in September and would dearly love to visit places of significance to my family. My DNA show 88% Ireland/Scotland and the majority of my ancestors were Irish or Manx with a few from England also. I do have a small amount of Scandinavian DNA also :) 


    Sunday 13th January 2019, 09:21PM