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Hello I am trying to trace my great great grandmother Francesa Agnes Brady who was born between 1817-1819 in Merrion Square Dublin. According to her Australian Death certificate she was 16 years when she married Moyses Kavanagh from Gorey Co.Wexford on 23 October 1835 at St Nicholas Without Dublin. Witnesses to the marriage were Maurice Tracey and Elenor’s Synnott. In 1837 Frances and Moses had one child Daniel who was baptised in Roman Catholic Church of Kilanerin Gorey, Co. Wexford. Sponsors were James Finn and Eliza Finn. A baptism record was found for Francesca (Frances) Brady to a Hugh and Catherine Brady on 9 July 1817. This would have made her 18 at her marriage but does not match details on her death certificate or the Shipping Records. Frances her husband and child were Assisted Emigrants and departed on 28 February 1840 on the Andromache through the port of Plymouth, UK arriving in Melbourne Australia on 27 June 1840. Frances and Moses had 9 children in total, one in Gorey, Co.Wexford and 8 in Victoria Australia. As I do not have Francesca’s parents details, I have used the Irish naming convention it looks like that Daniel was named after his father’s father, Hugh the second son after his mother’s father, Catherine the first daughter after the mother’s mother, Moses the third son after his father, Frances the second daughter after her father’s mother, John the fourth son named after his father’s oldest brother, William the 5th son named after father’s second oldest brother, Alfred the 6th son after his second oldest brother or mother’s oldest brother and finally Alice my great grandmother the 3rd daughter who is named after - who knows this does not follow the Irish naming convention. Frances was widowed in March 1856, Alice was born three weeks after Moyses died. Frances reared her children whilst working as the Publican and licensee of the Oxford Arms Hotel in Collingwood Victoria, Australia. Francesca named on of her homes in Mitford St St Kilda Victoria Australia ”Merion” obviously fond memories of her home. Frances died on 16 October 1909 and is buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery Carlton Victoria Australia. I visited St Nicholas Without yesterday what a beautiful church.


Friday 16th August 2019, 08:22AM

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  • I would be cautious about using naming conventions as definitive evidence - not  every family followed these, and even when they did there are various factors that can alter the pattern, e.g. both father’s being the same name, a child dying young and name reused, a beloved family relation dying and their name used to honor them.

    It was very common for people to mis-report their ages/years of birth, so I believe a 1817 baptism is certainly within the correct timeframe. The only slight difficulty is the parish where the baptism you mentioned took place St. Nicholas, Francis Street,  Merrion Square is to the east with a few parishes inbetween and would have been in St. Andrew's Catholic Parish. The parish church is now on Westland Row, but back then it was located on Townsend Street.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 16th August 2019, 09:08AM
  • Hi Sharon,  Being a Brady myself I had to have a look at this . What shanew said is true but doesnt bring you an answer.   I cant confirm if your ancester was born in Merrion square or not, but I can confirm that there is an entry in St. Nicholas for a Francisca Brady baptised on the 9th of July 1817. Sponsors ... John and Anne Tallant. Priest  was Richd. Kendrick  page 391.. I have also seen the Marraiage of Moyses and Frances in 1835. as stated. The record for Daniels Bapt. was not so lucky as the records there start years later. There may have been records ,but it could be that they are missing  ( like Arklows which is close and got rid of paper because of some disease in the area .)   As to Frances parents , There is a Hugh and Catherine who had other children at or around the same years , all baptised in St. Nicholas some by the same priest. Catherines sir name is given and it looks like Tillhoy but its not on others as in Francisca, You should look at these yourself.   at            Irish Genealogy          For some reason, if you put in Frances Brady its not coming up it has to be Francisca Brady. Thats the church records in Dublin. There is also civil records from 1864. There is a Hugh and Catherine Logan Married in 1817,They are not yours as they had a child in Dec, 1917 a Patrick.. See how you get on   Best Searcher.


    Monday 11th May 2020, 09:20PM