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Hello - I'm wondering if anyone can tell me more about a photographer from Parsonstown, King's County (Offaly) in the late 1870s to late 1880s. His name was Francis Walter Lambert. According to the backs of some his photos he had studios in Parsonstown, Nenagh, and Dublin St in Carlow. 

I have his children's civil birth records but am looking for more information on him and his photography (incuding his "distinguished patronage"). Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Friday 28th Feb 2020, 07:24PM

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  • JaneAnnMann,

    I'm a volunteer with Ireland XO here in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.  I got your post from Jane Halloran Ryan of Ireland XO and when I looked at it I thought I might be able to possibly hazard a guess as to what the "distinguished patronage" might be.  If his main base was Parsonstown/Birr, or even if not, it's quite possible that his patronage came from Lord Rosse - family name Parsons, from which Parsonstown was named.  The current Lord Rosse resides in Birr Castle.  It was the site of the worlds largest telescope in the late 18th and 19th centuries.  You may ge some more information on Francis Walter Lambert from the Irish Newspaper Archive.  There's a microfilm of "The Midland Tribune"  issues in the library in Birr, while the Tullamore Tribune/Offaly Tribune copies are in the press office archives in Tullamore. Of Francis Walter Lambert, it is my first time hearing of him, but if you can't access the resources already mentioned, I'll try to find some more information for you.  Any particular family reason or is it a photogrphic one?




    Thursday 9th Jul 2020, 03:04PM
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    Tuesday 29th Dec 2020, 11:58AM

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