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Freeman family of tibohine.

My dear dad was very proud of his Irish heritage on his mother's side. He said the family name was Freeman and they had a farm in Mayo . My grandfather Robert Street married my grandmother Annie Gleaves in 1926 at the local Roman Catholic church in Bolton,Lancashire.  Her parents John Gleaves and Margaret Freeman were married there in 1897.  The Irish connection starts with my great grandparents x2 Michael Freeman and Annie McAlroy who married there in July 1871 and claimed to have come from Roscommon. Their fathers Thomas Freeman and  George McAlroy were both deceased. They had 4 children together, but Michael was dead by the late 1870s. Annie McAlroy , however, was still alive in 1911 and states that she was born in Tebocan, Roscommon.  Looking on Griffiths Valuation there was a Patrick Freeman in Tibohine as a tenant farmer in the townland of Curraghsalah. I'm probably clutching at straws , but could there be some connection between his family and that of Michael and his father Thomas? Thank you for your help.


Saturday 4th January 2020, 12:05AM

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  • Hi there

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    McAlroy (orig. Mac Giolla Rua) has many spelling variations to be aware of including Gilroy and McIlroy.

    You may also want to familiarise yourself with all the variations for Freeman as well, especially if the know connection is Mayo.

    Sounds like your Freemans probably come from a district on the Mayo-Roscommon border (that shifted in 1898). At the time of marriage Freeman's home farm was in Roscommon but if this place later became part of East Co. Mayo, 20th century family folklore would say it's in Mayo.

    Your only link to the parish of Tibohine aka Loughlynn is for McAlroy not Freeman is that correct? Have you any other evidence that Tebocan is Tibohine? There was a RC George McAlroy and Mary Kelly baptising children there in the 1840s. But the records are patchy and no Annie.

    Lots of Church of Ireland George McAlroys around Boyle.


    Saturday 11th January 2020, 12:23PM
  • Hi Rua,

    Thanks for your help. I'm glad to see that like me you do genealogical research in the wee small hours!

    I found my great grandmotherx2 Ann Freeman in 1881 as a widow living with her 4 children in Bolton, Lancs.  She said she was born in Dublin in 1847 and was a housekeeper. (I know that many Irish emigrants put the port they sailed from as their place of birth.) In 1891 she's there again  as Annie Freeman saying she's a dressmaker born in 1846 in Roscommon, Ireland. Her last entry is in 1911 working as a hawker (this ties in with what my father told me) and she gives her place of birth as Tebocan, Roscommon.

    I had no idea to whom she was married. One John Freeman married an Ann Connolly locally, but this was the wrong couple. Then Michael Freeman popped up and his wife was Annie McAlroy.  Roman Catholic records are slightly more difficult to locate but last January I visited the local history department of Bolton Library and found the  marriage records of my grandparents, great grandparents and great grandparents x2. With my schoolgirl Latin i was able to discover that they married on 3rd May 1871 and that their fathers were Thomas Freeman and George McAlroy. I later bought a marriage certificate and discovered that both their fathers were deceased and both labourers.

    Michael is on the 1871 census before his marriage, working as a labourer in Bolton and living as a lodger.  he's down as irish. He and  Annie had  2 children and then when she was pregnant with the third (how did she manage?) he was sentenced in March 1877 for stealing two clogs and  and given six weeks hard labour in Strangeways prison. He is listed as coming from Roscommon and his wife's name is given.  Michael fathers another child on his release from prison, but has died by may 1879. A hard life!

    So all I know is that they came from Roscommon ( which might now be Mayo) I guessed Tibohine for Teboccan and I knew their were some Freeman families  living there., lived off the land and their father's names. If you can find any links to a Thomas Freeman. I'd be grateful.

    Best wishes,



    Sunday 12th January 2020, 03:14PM