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Furey's Loughrea

While flicking through I came across a post of the furey family Ie My great great Grandparents William Furey and Mary Ward. My Great grandfather Was Patrick Furey. He was one of the band of brothers who joined up during ww1.My mother had no Idea about the family as Patrick (paddy to them ) never ever spoke of his past.But reading this Info safe to say we knew why. As we know he left Ireland shortly after being demobbed.He then lived with his wife a  while In Port Glasgow Scotland where their only daughter married and settled down.Paddy and his wife Helen(Ellen Colbourne Married 1915 Ballinasloe while paddy was still a soldier.May have been the Conaught Rangers as his Father William had served in this regiment.Paddy and Helen then moved to Huddersfield Yorshire. My mum is almost certain that a family member lived there at the time. Being from a travelling family names were often repeated So according to a census malaky is down twice one as 30yrs old the other as 3 yrs old so could have been father and son.As i know travelling families would all be together in them days.Sadly I can't fill the blanks everyone spoke of. But i can put Patrick out there as a survivor....:-)

If anyone has any more Info I would love to know about it I've read the report of the Furey boys and read the wonderful poem about them. Many thanks.


Wednesday 23rd October 2019, 11:17AM

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  • Surely you must be related to the late John McGowan of Australia? I might have Patrick's war record in my files. As to Malachy, I visited his grave twice, once in a snowstorm, then in a heat wave. He had no kids so the other Malachy was named after him. Killed in action, 7 Apr 1915 near Neuve Chappelle. 


    Thursday 21st November 2019, 06:51PM
  • Pte Patrick Furey, 8825, 1st Bn Royal Irish Fusiliers, wounded in action. 


    Saturday 23rd November 2019, 08:19PM
  • Hello tessy   Patrick had  a sister called Catherine she was married to first cousin john furey I know they moved to Huddersfield just after ww1. Its possible thats where  Patrick  and his wife moved to. John furey had also brother called malachy  and he lived with them for little while and he left unfortunately I  dont know what  happened to him after that

    Friday 13th December 2019, 12:22AM
  • Regards Jack Ward

    Friday 13th December 2019, 12:23AM
  • Hi Tessy

    I'm from kilchreest outside Loughrea and my dad has mentioned the Fureys a number of times. There is a boreen in Kilchreest called Fureys Boreen.

    The last Furey in Kilchreest was known as Lacky Furey. He was baptised Malachy. My dad never met him but heard from Bartly Larkin about him.

    His caravan was burned by some local ruffians so he up and left. This was probably in early 1900s but we don't know where he moved to.


    ronan coy

    Thursday 6th February 2020, 12:43AM
  • William and Mary were my great great grandparents. Their son was Martin. my great grandfather. Martin also had a son malachy who was my great uncle. He died in Manchester in the 1990's, my grandmother was his sister Nora.




    Sunday 8th March 2020, 08:16PM