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I'm looking for information on the Gairns family. This is what I know so far.

My great grandfather Patrick Gairns was born about 1844 and married my great grand mother Ann( here's where it get tricky, somtimes listed as McBrearty or just Brady) I think they married around 1869. I couldn't find any record. If anyone can give me informatin on their parnts it would be greatly appreciated.

Ann died on a farm in Carn,Donegal on 19/Jul/1889, her daughter Lizzie was present at death.

Patrick died on the farm in Carn also on23/Oct/1892 his daughter Mary was present.

Their children are as follows:

Elizabeth(Lizzie) born 25/Feb/1871. She immigrated in 1889 before her father's death.

Mary born 14/May/1873. I don't know if she ever immigrated.

Thomas born 1/Jun/1874and immigrated in 1893.

John Patrick born 25/Dec/1881 and immigrated in 1899.

Anna Marie born 22/Jun/1885 and immigrated to Philadelphia in 1904 with $10.00

Catherine known as Cassie(she was my maternal grandmother) born 29/Non/1887. I found her in 1901 census in Killybegs living with her uncle Thomas Gairns and his wife Margaret. Cassie considered herself an orphan and said she had a very unhaappy childhood. She told her siblings that had alreay immigrated that if they didn't send her passage she would run away. She immigrated in 1903 to live with her sister Lizzie.

Margaret born in 1888, this one I'm not sure about because I can't find any information.

I can't find Mary, Thomas,John Patrick or Anna Marie on any census that would be before they immigrated.

Any insight would be appreciated,

Trish McLaughlin Allen


Friday 17th Apr 2020, 05:48PM

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  • Trish:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Here is the civil marriage record for Patrick and Ann. The names of their fathers are on the record

    I will look for other possible records for the siblings you mention.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 17th Apr 2020, 09:12PM
  • Hi Trish my family from ARDARA, GLENTIES, LOUGHFAD, were  SHARPE that was changed from GERIN and that was spelled 20 different ways. I believe Francis Sharpe was born 1785 only a guess he married Grace MUNDAY. That I understand that could've been McLoone,again spelled a couple different ways.His son Cornelius is my great grandfather. I can't find any birth information on Cornelius( Condy)  but he immigrated as a team to Schuylkill county Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines. But his brother Teague stayed. Teague was born about 1818. And you can see him and some others listed as Sharpe/Gerin. When translated Gerin means Sharpe. Please feel free to contact me. I'll list my email I have a tree on ancestry and a GED match kit number. Lisa


    Saturday 2nd May 2020, 10:48PM
  • Good day to everyone at Ireland reaches out. I was wondering if you were able to see the connection between the SHARPE family and the GERIN family. I was told about 50 years ago that our Sharpe family name was changed from GERIN. And the spellings are  numerous. I know that translated GERIN means a sharp object. When I looked at the records that are  tough, I have seen it written as TEAGUE Sharpe/Gerin. I've also seen a couple other listed that way. Thank you for your help have a wonderful day. Lisa


    Sunday 10th May 2020, 03:34PM

    Hi Lisa, 

    I haven't found out anything more on the Gairns side of my family but I did see that they orginally came from Scotland. Their name had a Mc in front of it and was then dropped. My cousin had a DNA test done and she was told there was a bit of Scotland, I'm assuming it came from the Gairns side.


    Monday 11th May 2020, 02:43PM
  • Hi Trish. I haven't been able to get any further with my Sharpe family. Do you have a public tree on ancestry? I do and I will give you my email address if you'd like and then you could email me with your information I can give you my Gedmatch kit number if you want to see if we can try to connect that way.  Lisa


    Thursday 20th Aug 2020, 11:32PM

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