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I am trying to trace further back in my family tree and there now seems to be no more records available but I wondered if there are any relatives of either the Gannon or Stapleton family.  Possibly Verdon too.   My family were from Killukin & Killumod (Boyle Baronetcy) Croghan and Bollincullen I think identified.  They emigrated around the time of the famine.   Family were Denis Gannon and Mary Gannon (nee Stapleton), and their children, Thomas, Catherine, John, Bridget, Mary, Dennis.   There was also related family Gilbert Gannon (possibly Denis's brother).  

Any information would be appreciated.


Thank you.


Saturday 4th Jun 2022, 10:49AM

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  • Patricia

    Saturday 4th Jun 2022, 07:09PM

    Hi,   I have Gannon's from Co. Longford.  Do you have a gedmatch number ?  I do show some distant matches to Killukid.







    Sunday 5th Jun 2022, 03:13PM
  • Spookyv:

    Bollincullen eventually became the townland of Ballyculleen. The Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Killukin civil parish did not show any Gannon/Stapleton/Verdon records. Same with the 1901 census for Ballyculleen.

    I also searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and came up with five of the six children you listed. I also found an Anne baptized August 13 1840 and did not locate a record for a Mary and so I'm wondering if Anne and Mary were the same person,

    I would suggest a DNA test to try to locate distant relatives. They might not be in Ireland but possibly Canada, USA, Australia etc.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 5th Jun 2022, 08:50PM
  • Welcome to Killukin Spookyv!

    I'm the local volunteer for the Croghan, Boyle district.

    I have come across all three of those family names in pre-famine records for Ballyculleen. (Click on the link to discover more records for this townland).

    Here, you will find  Gilbert, Dennis & Mick Gannon, James Stapleton, and Pat Verdon all recorded in the 1835 Tithe Applotment Records for "Bollincullen". As Roger confirmed, they had moved on by the time of the 1857 Griffith's Valuation. 

    I will be able to tell you more from my research notes, including how these families were related if you can add your Ancestor to the Killukin Ancestors board (with as much detail as you know) and tag "Ballyculleen townland" to your Ancestor under "building". Here's How to Add Your Ancestor to IrelandXO   

    Hope this helps!


    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 6th Jun 2022, 04:14AM
  • Hi I do have GEDMATCH NUMBER NOW - can I post it on here or does it need to be private?



    Sunday 19th Jun 2022, 01:08PM
  • Here's my email if you would rather send your gedmatch number there...


    Wednesday 22nd Jun 2022, 03:58PM
  • Hello


    Thank you.  Yes I have emailed you with the number and information.




    Thursday 23rd Jun 2022, 12:02PM

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