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George Atkinson would also be my Great Grandfather.


I have attached a file of descendents, although entirely up to date.


Fred Atkinson


Friday 24th Apr 2020, 03:31AM

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  • Hi Frank, I just wanted to say hello as it seems that you have not got a reply to your message that you posted from away back in April.  

    I am sorry for the lack of acknowledgement, a lot of the time whenever we come across an Ancestor that may have been born as far back as the 1700’s/early 1800’s or may have emigrated sometime before the 1850’s, the tendency is to skip on quickly for the simple reason that it would be very difficult to research or offer help due to the unfortunate lack of Records available for the timeframe involved.  

    I had a look for the name of Atkinson thoughgout Donegal and the Ancestor Chronicle that you would have put up for George Atkinson popped up. Thank you for adding this Chronicle as he has an interesting story to tell as does his family. I hope you don’t mind but I added an Old landscape photograph of Ballyshannon Town as the profile picture and placed in some of the information you had provided within the file. It would be great if you could re-edit it and polish it up further, as I also want to make sure that you will receive the message notification when someone takes an interest on George Atkinsons profile sometime down the road. 

    As I mentioned regarding the lack of records, here is a list from the Roots Ireland site that shows the years that all Births, Marriage and Deaths started to be Recorded or Registered throughout the County of Donegal.  

    As you can see yourself, the availability of the records or how far they go back is very dependent on what Religion or Church the family attended back in day.  RootsIreland List (CLICK HERE)  

    If any of the location names within Roots Ireland take you interest you should check that Townland or Parish on as the site provides location maps that would help you determine probable family connections to your family in Ballyshannon, in the Parish of Kilbarron - Townlands of Donegal (CLICK HERE) 


    Out of interest you should also check out these pages. Atkinson is a not as common a name as I thought. Please let me know when you receive this and we can make steps to progress futher 

    Best Regards 

    Seamus Callaghan 

    Volunteer from North Donegal. 

    Clondavaddog Donegal, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 7th Jul 2020, 06:12AM
  • George Atkinson is my great grandfather also (1825-1907)

    John Atkinson

    John Alexander Atkinson

    Wednesday 26th Aug 2020, 02:52AM
  • Hi John Alexander, I am just curious to know, do you happen to know Fred Atkinson who posted this query above. Are you by any chance living in Ireland or are you also in the United States. Thanks Seamus Callaghan

    Clondavaddog Donegal, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 27th Aug 2020, 04:50PM
  • Hi Seamus Callaghan,

    To answer your questions.

    No. I don't know Fred Atinson.

    No. I don't also live in the United States. I do live in Canada.

    I do have a Frederick George Atkinson as a great uncle.

    Cheers - John Atkinson

    John Alexander Atkinson

    Friday 28th Aug 2020, 02:41AM
  • To Fred Atkinson,

    If you are Jack Miller's son, you are likely my 2nd cousin !

    Would you have any info to share about Tom Atkinson & or Anne Maxwell prior to her coming to Canada in1842 ?.

    I have no stones left to turn over!

    Cheers John A Atkinson - great grandson of G. Atkinson 1825-1907

    John Alexander Atkinson

    Monday 7th Mar 2022, 07:11PM

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