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Gleeson Ancestry


I'd like to know if there are any descendants still living in the Toomevara district or elsewhere whose ancestory traces back to Roger Gleeson and/or John Gleeson who lived at the townland Knockane Castle near Toomevara in  1824/25. 

They are listed in the Tithe Applottment Books as tenant farmers on Cole Bowen estate and I believe Roger to be my 4 times great grandfather but have no paper trail to follow down from him. 

Any hints or clues would be most appreciated. A direct descendant would be fantastic!!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday 26th June 2018, 06:18AM

Message Board Replies

  • Hi Barred,

    There is one Gleeson in Toomevara in the Irish phone book ( You could write to him



    Tuesday 26th June 2018, 09:28PM