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   An extended family of ancestors of mine and other relatives emigrated to the United States about 1839; they apparently originated in the Newport/Burrishoole area, although I have no other specific information about that.  The central individuals, the latter three of them Irish-born emigrands, are as follows.:

Gr/Gr/Gr/grandfather   John Golden                         dates uncertain, died in Ireland
Gr/Gr/Gr/grandmother  Honor O'Donnol Golden        1770-1863
Gr/Gr/grandfather        Michael Golden                    c. 1807-1888
Gr/Gr/grandmother      Bridget Bohan Golden          1810-c. 1885

   Three siblings of Michael Golden also emigrated, one also married to a Bohan, and another to a Crossin.  This is essentially all I know about my likely Newport/Burrishoole connection.  If anyone has any information, or an interest in discussing any aspect of this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Ken Doran 2101 Fox Ave. Madison, WI  53711-1920  USA


Wednesday 17th February 2021, 12:18AM

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  • Hi Ken, we have forwarded your post to a volunteer whom we hope can be of assistance

    Best wishes, Denise, IrelandXO


    Tuesday 25th May 2021, 10:25PM
  • In Mastersons Newport Families for Burrishool parish the is only one mention of Golding.  A John Golding born to James Golding and Catherine Malley Drumlong 26 april 1865. The sponsor was Mary Malley grandmother. A note said James in America.

    There was also Golden family on the islands in Kilmeena, they moved to mainland and their descencants are still there.

    S. Cadden, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 26th May 2021, 09:15AM
  • Hi Ken,

    I tried the Tithe Applotments, Memorials of the Dead Galway & Mayo & the Irish Censuses 1821, 41 & 51 for the Goldens without success I'm afraid

    Griffiths Valuation, however, has this:

    TenantFamily Name 1GOLDENForename 1JOHN

    LandlordFamily Name 2SLIGOForename 2MARQUIS OF LocationCountyMAYOBaronyBURRISHOOLEUnionWESTPORTParishKILMEENATownlandCLEW BAY, ISLANDS INPlace NameNO. 67, FORILLANPlace TypeOTHERPublication DetailsPosition on Page14Printing Date1855Act15&16Sheet Number76,87Map Reference1

    The Valuation was done in Mayo in 1856-7 so hard to say if this is your John

    I no longer have a subscription but might be worth a try if you haven't already done so. There is a 1 day subscription (15 Euro) You can do a search on the log-in page before you pay to see if it looks worthwhile.


    Col Cafferky


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 31st May 2021, 05:50AM