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I am researching my great grandmother Bridget Gorman, born 4 March 1875.  Her parents were Patrick Gorman and Mary Whelan - they were married 15 Feb 1873.  According the certificate I found on irishgenealogy,ie it states they were married in the RC chapel of Doon, in the registrat's district of Cappawhite, union of tipperary in the county of Limerick.


Patrick lists his father as Patrick and Mary lists her father as Timothy,  Patrick's residence is listed as Doon, Mary's is listed as Kilymoylar (?).  I believe I have found children for this couple as the following:

Mary - 20 Dec 1873

Bridget - 4 March 1875 (my great grandfather)

Patrick - 1 October 1876

Timothy 15 October 1878 -- died 28 November 1878

Timothy 7 October 1879


My great grandmother Bridget came to NYC in I believe late 1890s -- she married John j Walsh - born 2 Oct 1875 at Sruce Hill, Roscrea Tipperary in NYC in Feb 1900.  Unfortunately she died in 1916 and my grandfather (who died in 1964) did not talk a lot about his family.  He had a tough life growing up since the family was fairly poor .

I would love to find out what happened to her siblings -- I have been trying to do my family tree for many years and am now getting more information on the Gorman family


thank you

Joanne Walsh


Sunday 17th January 2021, 04:07PM

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  • Joanne:

    I also found another brother Laurence baptized November 19 1882. Record was on the subscription site Roots Ireland.

    The free site had some civil records that may be for your family. First record is for a 10 year old Patrick who died in 1885, second record a possible death record for the mother Mary in 1890 followed by a possible death record for the father Patrick in 1906 and a possible marriage record for Mary Gorman to a James Ryan in 1906.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 17th January 2021, 04:43PM
  • thank you -- I do have Rootsireland subscription -- I guess I haven't looked quite closely enough --- the search continues!  I am fairly certain that the Mary Gorman who married James Ryan is my bridget's older sister.  She has a daughter Mary Agnes and that seems to be a familiar name in the family. Bridget Gorman and John Walsh named their only daughter Mary Agnes, although she was always known as Agnes.

    And the Mary gorman who died in 1890 - the witness reporting her death is her daughter Mary Agnes Gorman - so I wonder if this Mary married one of Patrick Gorman's relatives.


    I found a link which I now cannot find again for a grave in Mount St Lawrence Burial ground - would that be a likely place for the Gormans from Doon to be buried?


    Again thank you for all your assistance

    Joanne Walsh



    Monday 18th January 2021, 04:18PM
  • Joanne:

    Doon is a good distance to the east from Limerick city where Mount St. Lawrence cemetery is located. So likely the Gormans would be buried closer to Doon.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 19th January 2021, 07:23PM