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Gormley and McVeigh

My ancestors John Gormley and Maria McVeigh left ArMagh for the UK during the Famine. I've been trying to trace any descendants left in the area but there are few records from this time.

Kelly Sheils

Tuesday 21st April 2020, 07:49AM

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  • Kelly,

    Birth, death and RC marriage registration didn’t start in Ireland till 1864 (in contrast to England where it was 1837). Prior to 1864 you need to rely on church records.

    I assume that John & Maria were Catholic, and that they married in Ireland. I searched the on-line parish records on Ancestry for a marriage and for any children to the couple, in Armagh but without success. Possibly they came from a parish with no records for the 1840s or earlier.

    If they moved to England it’s always worth checking the English censuses in case they put a specific place of birth. Usually it was just Ireland but sometimes you get more.  Likewise obituaries and will occasionally throw up some information.

    Otherwise I am sorry but I cannot provide any additional information on the family.


    Wednesday 5th August 2020, 03:18PM