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Grady research

Looking for info on Francisci and Maraie( Kelly)  Grady, Francisci dob circa 1788, Maraie 1790; probably married Riverstown, Tanaugh, Sligo circa 1806; children Francis (Frak) Grady, dob 1808, baptised Riverstown, Tanaugh; Patricum dob 1810 possibly Roscommon; Joanem dob circa 1813, all Sligo County,  all Catholic.

Francisci' dodn maybe 1875, Sligo.  

Francis (Frank) Grady dob 1808, possibly dod 1895 Sligo; his spouse, Honor Quinn Grady, don circa 1810, dod circa 1880 Tobercurr, Sligo.


Tkany you!




Tuesday 4th August 2020, 09:40PM

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  • Mike:

    Hello again!

    I found the baptismal records for Patrick and John on Roots Ireland. See below. There were no Francis Grady baptismal records in the 1700s and the earliest Francis Grady marriage was his sons marriage in 1829.

    Roger McDonnell

    Name:Patrick O'GradyDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:15-Jul-1810Address:
    Parish/District:RIVERSTOWNGender:MaleCountyCo. Sligo
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:FrancisMother:Maria KellyOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Francis KingSponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Bridget Tonra

    Name:John GradyDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:21-Mar-1813Address:
    Parish/District:RIVERSTOWNGender:MaleCountyCo. Sligo
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:FrancisMother:Maria KellyOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Patrick KellySponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Bridget Grady

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 4th August 2020, 10:46PM
  • TU Roger, really appreciate your assistance.  Provides a few more possible leads with sponsors.

    Joanem (John) may have married a Marian Mulrenan, born May 1822, Roscommon, Sligo, dom 5 June 1842 Tanaugh, Sligo.

    Also, Patricum may have married an Elizabeth Fallon in Killanummery, Leitrim, Ireland; no dom.  Possibly Patrick met his demise in Liverpool, Lancashire, England 1852

    I;ve been doing this Grady research since 1983, lots of brick walls.


    Any suggestions:  TU, again,  Mike


    Wednesday 5th August 2020, 03:49AM
  • Mike:

    No marriages show up on Roots Ireland for John and Patrick to the ladies you mentioned.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Wednesday 5th August 2020, 05:55PM
  • TU



    Wednesday 5th August 2020, 06:52PM
  • Hi Roger, hope you, and yours are doing well.  Can you help me with addl info on the below:


    Patrick Grady, date of death 1876; location Roscommon, Sligo

    Franciscum Grady date of death 1875, Dligo

    Honor Quinn Gady, date of death 1880 Tubercurry, Sligo


    Tls, and really appreciate your help!




    Tuesday 11th August 2020, 08:29PM
  • Hi Mike!

    I searched the free site  and located a death index record for an 1875  death record for an 84 year old Patrick Grady. The site only has index records for deaths from 1864-1877 and the full images for 1878-1969  We expect the r3cords for 1864-1877 to be added in the near future.

    I located an 1886 death record for an Honor Grady. See link. Last record on page. You may have to sign-in to see the record.

    I found an 1884 Francis Grady record in another part of Co. Sligo. Not sure if this is your Francis. First record on page


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Thursday 13th August 2020, 05:31PM
  • Tks, Roger; handwriting is hard to decipher.....


    Stay safe,   Mike


    Thursday 13th August 2020, 07:00PM
  • You guys give so much information and resources here. I am researching my family history a little. This idea came to me when I got to while preparing my paper, it made me understand that we need to know our roots. These free essay examples were about reunited families after wars and I remember my grandmother`s stories about her family too. I think she would like the idea of research too!


    Friday 21st August 2020, 10:22PM
  • Hello, Mike!

    I have Grady Ancestors but I don't think we match there. But if you have done a DNA test, I do have a McLean ancestor from Riverstown/Collones area, Drumcliff, Sligo, Ireland. Thomas McLean and his brother Owen settled in Ossining NY after leaving Ireland. I would be glad to exchange GED numbers. There is a small chance we will have a DNA connection given the area and that they seem to have married women born in the same area. You can reach me at:

    Mary Lou



    Thursday 27th August 2020, 10:35PM