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I would be interested in connecting with anyone researching the Grangegorman Goal.  Apart from a few photos of the old goal, I haven't found any information on the conditions and what it was like to be imprisoned there.

My "naughty" Taylor sisters* (originally from Drumborty, Drumkeeran, Co. Fermanagh) were sentenced at Enniskillen at the Fermanagh Assizes on July 23, 1849 and all three of them were sentenced to be transported to Australia for 10 years each.  Prior to departure they spent nearly a year at Grangegorman Goal from 1949 to 1850.  Unfortunately Catherine died of consumption in December 1949; so it was the other two that departed Kingstown, Dublin, bound for Tasmania on 8 July 1850 on the ship the "Duke of Cornwall".

Were the girls taught a trade, what were their daily rations and were the conditions as horrible as I imagine.

Thank you.

*Mary Ann - b. 1823
Margaret - b. 1825
Catherine - b. 1830

Note:  There was another sibling sentenced with them on July 23, 1849 - either a brother or it could have been their father (James).  I do not know where he was sent.  The father was living at home after sentencing so I believe it was the brother.

Wendy Goodall

Tuesday 5th October 2021, 04:59AM

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  • Wendy,

    The attached article may be a start on your quest.



    Tuesday 5th October 2021, 07:10PM

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  • Hello McCoy,
    Thank you very much for responding.  I am pleased to have read they focused on reform rather than punishment.
    Best Regards.



    Wendy Goodall

    Wednesday 13th October 2021, 01:41AM