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Our family name is Gready.  Oral history says we are from Kilkenny, but we have had no luck finding the family in that county.  Possibly our Martin Gready came to Australia from Roscrea, tipp in 1850, but we have DNA matches to our family from Knockainy.  The match is to a Bridget Gready Sullivan.  At her baptism, the sponsor was David grady.  Would there be any descendents of this family who could help us work out if they came to Knockainy from Kilkenny or Roscrea, or moved to one of these places from Knockainy? 
Sorry this is a bit vague.. hoping someone may be able to help!








Tuesday 28th January 2020, 11:50AM

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  • Hopefully someone will be able to help but as you said it is a bit vague.If you give more detail on Bridget it might help

    Best of luck with your research

    Croom Parish Liasion

    Monday 6th July 2020, 08:58PM