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I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with my problem.  My great grandfather James Grennan was baptised 4 December 1826 in Rahan and Lynally.  His parents were Edward Grennan and Mary Lamb.  I cannot find a marriage record for them around this date.  However, I have a record of their marriage on 18 Jan 1846 in Rahan and Lynally.  20 years after James's birth!  I was a bit suprised!  Can any kind soul explain this to me? (I have also found them in May 1823 when they were sponsors for a baptism).

Many thanks

June Spencer Grant


Thursday 21st January 2021, 01:22PM

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  • Hi June,
    On James' birth they were married.
    If Edward and Mary weren't married it would only state the Mothers name and would also state illegitimate.
    There are a few years missing in the marriages March 1816 to 8th Jan 1822. 
    Names are repeated so the later marriage would possibly be another couple with the same names.
    Going by the Baptism I would say they were married earlier, just that the years are missing for the marriage.
    The marriage you found in 1846, it's not listed in the site below, which is a pain as most are and you would have seem more information.
    On the Baptism on the 26th May 1823. William Grennan of Edward Grennan (though not stated as it says the surname for William) and Ellen Lamb.
    Sponsors as you said Edward and Mary. Now this could be Edward the father stood for him and an Ellen Lamb.
    This is how I see it as an explanation.
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    Friday 22nd January 2021, 01:00PM
  • Hi Margot,

    Thank you for your reply and comments. I am going to have to do a lot more research on the Grennans and Lambs, if I can,  there seems to be quite a few of them in this area. However, the missing marriage years are a real problem. That would be quite a coincidence if the 1846 marriage was of the same names but different people.  Quite a conundrum to sort out!  It seems the only thing I can sure of is the birth of James  in 1826.

    I have also found death records for two Edward Grennans in Tullamore (not far form Rahan).  One died in 1866 aged 70 and the other one died in 1877 aged 76. Cousins? I think it is going to be difficult to work out which one is mine, but perhps neither of them are!

    Thanks again.

    Best wishes




    Saturday 23rd January 2021, 03:28PM
  • Hi June,
    Yes I saw the deaths of the Edward Grennans.
    You would have to go back to both the births or marriage to pick any information.
    On the death in 1866 you would follow the link to get a copy.
    The 1877 looks like James Mannon or Mannion was present at the death.
    Tullamore is the County Town of King's, now Offaly and a registration district. Though you could try Edenderry.
    Now days it's Tullamore for BDM registration.


    Sunday 24th January 2021, 09:20AM
  • Hi Margot,

    I have found a birth for an Edward Grennan Jan 1809 in Aghaboe (not a million miles from Rahan!)

    His parents were Thomas Grennan and Judy Bergin, who were married 14 Nov 1787 in Aghaboe.  He could be the Edward who died in 1877 in Tullamore, although his date of birth on the index is given as 1801.

    I note that my James (bapt 1826 in Rahan?) has given his birthplace as Dublin on the English 1861 census,  so I am not sure if I am back at square one or it was an aberration as Dublin is not that far away. (On the 1871 census the enumerator has put Ireland with ditto marks from a previous person with Co Clare as the birthplace)  I am inclinded to disregard it that as an enumerator mistake!  It certainly complicates matters!

    Anyway, thank you very much for your time and trouble in looking up records.



    Tuesday 26th January 2021, 04:22PM