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Hi, I need help please. I have been stuck for over 25 years & just recently discovered a marriage in Limerick.

John Griffin b- 1838 Ire., married Margaret Ryan b- 1845 Ire. married 30/ Nov /1854.limerick. Anything you may tell me ,parents, siblings would be a blessing. I have reason to believe John Griffin had a sister Ellen Griffin b- abt 1835, married Charles(Ralph or Edward) Mason. Ellen( Griffin) Mason died 1899 Wellsboro Tioga co Pennsylvania. I could not find a marriage record or death record for Charles(middle name, Edward/or Ralph) Mason .

John Griffin d- 1903 & wife Margaret Ryan d- 1897 both died Corning, Steuben co NY

Thank you, Dot


Sunday 12th Dec 2021, 04:55PM

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  • Hi, Please check the birth dates...John Griffin b- 1838 Ire., married Margaret Ryan b- 1845 Ire. married 30/ Nov /1854.limerick. John would have been 16 (possible) but Margaret would have been 9.

    Did Ellen marry in the US or Ireland or elsewhere?

    What were the names of each couple's children?



    Sunday 12th Dec 2021, 07:17PM
  • Patricia, 1900 census Corning Steuben co NY., state John Ryan b- july 1838 Ireland, widowed, immig. 1854

    Yet, 1880 census Corning NY Steuben co

    John Griffin (40), Ireland -b 1840, occupation, " car Inspector" *many of my ancestors occ. was RR Corning NY * Tioga co PA

    Margret(Ryan?) -.35  Ire. b- 1845

    Michael,- 16 b- 1864 Ire * I wonder if the marriage date was 1864? not 1854? * found it on "Family Search" LDS records shows 1854

    Thomas- 14 b- 1866 NY, he married Catherine OBrian

    M Catherine- 12 b- 1868 NY

    Frank A, -7, b- 1873 NY, he married Elizabeth C Turner

    Teresa , 5- b- 1875 NY; she married Wm. McMahon


    Ellen( Griffin ) Mason my 2nd gr grandmother could not find a marriage record for her.

    I did find marriage record of their 1st b- son John Mason b- 1854 NJ ,so expect Ellen Griffin b- abt 1838 Ire. & Charles (Ralph or Edward) Mason b-abt. 1838 Ire.married  married in US ??

    I only found them on a 1870 census Bradford co PA, then I find her Ellen Griffin Mason 1880 census Tioga co PA listed as widowed, with 2 additional children. I never found death record for Charles Mason b- 1838 Ire. I have a naturalization paper from Bradford co PA which I think is him ,Charles Mason. It says b- Ireland and he arrived age 18..

    My grandmother brother died 1902 Corning NY and pallbearers were H Baxter, ,W Cavannaugh, James McMahon, John Murphy, John Ryan, James Kelly.  With that said, I know I link to his family as Teresa Griffin married Wm McMahon .Then I found a Patrick Murphy b- 1825,d- aft 1861, married Catherine Margaret Griffin, they had a son John Murphy.

    Lots of clues, & lots of research to do. If you find anything it would be appreciated. Thank you , Dotty R



    Monday 13th Dec 2021, 10:39PM
  • At rootsireland, there is a transcription of the baptism of Michael Griffin, son of John Griffin/Margaret Ryan. Michael was baptized 04-Nov-1863 in the RC parish of ST. JOHN'S, Co. Limerick. I hope this is helpful.


    Tuesday 14th Dec 2021, 09:34PM
  • At rootsireland, there is a transcription of the baptism of Michael Griffin, son of John Griffin/Margaret Ryan. Michael was baptized 04-Nov-1863 in the RC parish of ST. JOHN'S, Co. Limerick. I hope this is helpful.


    Tuesday 14th Dec 2021, 09:34PM
  • RootsIreland also shows a John Griffin, baptized 24 July 1837 in RC parish of St. Michael, Co. Limerick, with father Michael Griffin, mother Mary McMahon. I do not know if he is your John, but it is a possibility. Note you mention two men called McMahon. This may be a clue that this John Griffin is correct, but further proof should be found.


    Tuesday 14th Dec 2021, 09:42PM
  • Patricia, I do believe this is the correct John Griffin as on 1900 census Steuben NY, USA  his birthday is July . 

    I have 1 further note in RE: my 2nd gr grandmother Ellen( Griffin) Mason?.

    My 1st gr grandmother was Mary Roosa Mason d/o Charles Mason & Ellen Griffin. I have death record of my 1st gr grandmother, Mary Roosa Mason b- 1858 PA, died Bath, Steuben NY. On her death record states Father: Charles Mason b-Ireland, and Mother :Ellen TORPY, not Griffin as I had thought.This is another reason I have been so confused all these years. Especially , since the marriage record of the first born son John Mason b-1854 NJ,  list Father: Charles Mason, and Mother : Ellen Griffin. Why then would my 1st gr grandmother b- 1858 Pa death record list a different Mother(TORPY) as her brother John Mason(GRIFFIN). Any insight to this issue would be appreciated. I am still confused on should I be looking at GRIFFIN, or TORPY. I have my dna at several places Ancestry, My Heritage & FTDNA. I do recall a dna match with McMahon surname..Thank you, Dotty R


    Wednesday 15th Dec 2021, 02:27PM
  • Patricia, In Re: my John Griffin b- 24/ July/ 1837 Father: Michael Griffin & Mother : Mary McMahon

    Do you see any birth record for "Ellen" Griffin b- abt 1835/40 possible sibling of this John Griffin b- 1837, and daughter of Michael Griffin & Mary McMahon.?

    Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Dotty R


    Tuesday 4th Jan 2022, 04:58PM

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