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My paternal great-grandfather's mother was a Guckian from Ballinamore, but there's another cluster in Annaduff. As I search for the family name, the name Hackett keeps coming up. I had heard from another researcher that the names are the same. I'd love to be enlightened!


Sunday 25th July 2021, 07:14PM

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  • Hi MK,

    Surnames of Ireland by Dr. Edward Maclysaght gives the following explanation for MacGuckian - Guckian and Hackett

    Guckian is found in County Leitrim - Page 139;

    Hackett: Haiceid in Gaelic. Families of this name have been in Ireland since the Anglo-Norman invasion, mainly in Counties Kilkenny and Kildare. A Branch in Connacht became completely hibernicized and was known as MacHackett and also as Guckian. In Counties Armagh and Tyrone Hackett has been used as a synonym of MacCahey - 141 Page.

    Note: Abrev.



    Sunday 25th July 2021, 08:42PM