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My ancestor, Timothy Hannon’s 1849 Boston marriage record identifies his parents as Daniel and Mary. Timothy’s US Naturalization papers state that he was from Ballinadee, County Cork. We believe his birthdate to be August 10, 1822. I am trying to confirm that Daniel Hannon of Ringrone, County Cork found on Griffith’s Valuation is his father. Any information and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  In addition, Timothy married Julia Mahoney (Mahony) in February 1849 in Boston. I am trying to locate any information about her ancestry. We believe she also came from this area of Cork and were encouraged to see so many Mahonys in the Ballinadee Catholic cemetery. Again, sincere thanks for your help.

Richard Burbach

Sunday 13th Oct 2019, 03:41PM

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  • Hi Richard, I had a look at Roots Ireland, I am not a volunteer for the area, assuming no one is available there, so no local knowledge to impart. I found a marriage of a Daniel Hannon to a Mary Donnell or McDonnell in 1820 but in Doneraile, a fair bit away in Cork, there were 3 children born but no Timothy, all in Doneraile, there are Timothy's born but not to a Daniel and Mary, I did not examine all the baptisms, there are 10 Julia Mahoney baptisms, 1810 to 1830 and I looked at some of them but none jumping out, if you had an idea of age it would assist.

    There is a free site here with Cork church records but only one Timothy and wrong mother, not Mary, the subscription site Roots Ireland has more I think, they appear to have records not on the free site which is odd, you could also examine the registers yourself but a big task as only search by month and date, there are gaps and omisssions. A difficult read, without knowing Julia's parents it is a guess also.

    Sorry about the lack of detail but you are at the outer reaches of Irish records, where they exist they are church records, Tithe Applottments and Griffiths are helpful in showing the name in an area but unless you have the townland etc you are guessing, the Tithes are here in case you are not aware A number of areas are now producing local web pages and posting early family photos etc, also there appears to be a Facebook page for most counties doing history and genealogy, apply to join, also notice now that the Facebook pages are getting more specific, a lot of people getting involved but most are in your boat (we all are) looking for answers and local knowledge, any I have joined are very well moderated.

    You could also look at the county Cork library site, I have found local libraries can be helpful with places, this site can show if you are in close areas too 

    I lived in Cork for a number of years and my best man was a Mahoney, but common enough in Cork.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Sunday 20th Oct 2019, 08:40PM

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