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I am descended from John Harmon born in Rathdrum, Wicklow in 1818 and immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1842.

He had three siblings, all born around Rathdrum and according to Parish Records were born:

Lawrence;  17 Apr 1823

Mary;          17 Apr 1825

Bridget;       03 Feb 1828

Their parents were Thomas Harmon and Bridget Beahan.

Family lore says we are related to John, Laurence and Nicholas Harmon of 1798 Rebellion fame.

I am looking for any information about John's siblings.


Doug Harman


Sunday 27th December 2020, 09:53AM

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  • Doug:

    I assume the family was RC. I located one possible lead for Bridget.

    On the subscription site Roots Ireland, there is a February 23, 1851 marriage in Rathdrum RC church for a Bridget Harman of Ballydowling to Michael Cromeen also of Ballydowling.

    I did not see a Mary Harmon/Harman marriage in Rathdrum and no marriage anywhere in Wicklow for a Lawrence Harmon/Harman.

    Lawrence Harmon was not listed in the Griffiths Valuation of 1854 in Co. Wicklow.

    I also did not see any good leads for death records for Mary or Lawerence.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 27th December 2020, 02:50PM
  • A number of trees on Ancestry have Bridget Harmon born Nov 1818 in Rathdrum to Thomas & Bridget.  She is recorded as married to a Lucy Doyle in Dublin 2nd May 1841. She lived in Copse, Saint Mary, Jamaica before dying in Adelaide, South Australia on 26.6.1899.

    Another batch of trees has her born 1828 or 1831 with father Thomas Harman born 1806. She married William Nicholls in Adelaide SA on 7th June 1869 before dying in SA in 1902. Some have her living in Oregon, USA for a while before dying in SA in 1911.

    Trees on Ancestry come with a strong health warning. Many have inaccurate information. The one common theme that these trees do share is that Bridget died in Australia.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 27th December 2020, 07:29PM
  • Good morning Roger,

    I had a look at Bridget Harman and Michael Cromeen of Ballydowling. There is a Bridget Harman born to George Harman and Catherine in 1828 from Ballydowling who is must likely this Bridget. Interestingly they immigrated to Australia.

    Yes they were RC with John Harman marrying Lucy Doyle in 02 May 1841 • St Paul's, Arran Quay, Dublin, Ireland. It would seem John Harman moved to Dublin and met Lucy there.

    The Harmons were invovled in the 1798 rebellion, although I cant directly link my forebears. 

    Freemans Journal, 13 July 1800 p 1
    “The following ROBBERS, MURDERERS and DESERTERS are now wandering about, and are occasionally concealed by disaffected persons in the Counties of Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow, Kildare, Dublin &tc and Rewards will be paid for securing such of them as are first mentioned agreeably to a Proclamation dated the 8th day of June last:

    “3rd JOHN HARMAN, twenty two years old, five feet ten inches high, fair complexion, brown hair, well made, large grey eyes, and speaks thick, born near the Seven Churches. Two Hundred Guineas for taking him.

    ” LAWRENCE HARMAN, thirty-four years old, five feet six inches high, light brown hair, grey eyes, heavy limbs, round faced, dark sandy complexion, brother to John Harman.

    ” NICHOLAS HARMAN, twenty-nine years old, five feet eight inches high, slender made, light brown hair, long visage, light limbed, long thin nose, brown eyes, a wild look, cannot speak plain, (brother to John and Lawrence).”

    Do you anyone who is an expert on the Laragh/Rathdrum people involvement in the Rebellion?


    Thanks for your help.

    Doug Harman




    Monday 5th July 2021, 07:00AM
  • Good morning Elwyn,

    Yes, John Harmon/Harman was born in Copse House Rathdrum in Nov 1818 and died in Cabra House Adelaide South Australia on 26 Jun 1899.

    I noticed the marriage certificate for Bridget Farrell and William Nichols in 1869. As she states her father was Thomas Harman and she was born about 1828 maybe this is my Bridget...worth looking at.


    Thanks for your help

    Doug Harman



    Monday 5th July 2021, 07:16AM
  • Hi Doug,


    My Great Great  Grandmother was Bridget Harman.      Her parents are George Harman and Catherine Harman.  Her Baptism Records have her address as Rathdrum Ballenderry, and her Marriage Record has her address as Ballydowling.   She has been mentioned before on this page.  I am writing to correct that she married Michael Crimeen.  Not Michael Cromeen.  There is a typo in the records.  They came to Victoria, and settled in Sutton Grange, as farmers.  As they are both Harmon's from the same area, there may be some distant connection.

    Marjorie S

    Thursday 20th January 2022, 02:15AM
  • Good afternoon Marjorie,

    Yes I feel there will be a connection between your Bridget and mine who was born 3rd Feb 1828. 

    Apart from tracing my direct ancestor John Harmon and his father Thomas Harmon ( who died in Adelaide in 1870), I have had no luck in finding any other decendants from John's siblings. Even using dna.


    Doug Harman




    Sunday 23rd January 2022, 05:06AM