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Hello -

I'm looking for information on my second-great-grandparents, Michael Hayes (1831-1887) and Hanora Costelloe (1820-1894).  They had 7 children:  Ellen (1848-1918); Mary (1850-?); John Costelloe (1852-1928); Rodger "Rody" (1853-1929); Michael (1855-1940); Denis (1847-?); and Thomas (1862-?).  Ellen, John (my great-grandfather), and Rody all moved to the U.S.  I know that Denis did travel to the U.S., but have no information that he stayed or returned.  I know that Michael remained in Ballina and raised a family.  No information (aside from baptism data) on Mary or Thomas.

I've gone through Griffith's and located a number of Michael Hayes.  I don't know if they are the same person who farmed on the various plots of land cited, or different individuals.  I also ran across several other Hayes' families, Thomas, John, Edward, Matthew, in the area, who possibly might be related to Michael, but this will require additional searching on my part.

Hanora Costelloe was the daughter of Michael Costelloe and Maria Flemming, but that is all I know of them.  I have come across one other Costelleo family member, Rodger in RC baptism data (as godparent to a Hayes child); and a Maria Costelloe born in 1811 to Michael & Maria, but with no further information.  In reviewing some of the various documents it appeared that the two families may have lived in Ballina, as well as Killaloe in Clare, at various points.

And finally, am trying to locate any family still residing in the area who may have some family history knowledge passed down which might help me fill in some of the gaps.

Thank you,

Lenore Hayes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Los Angeles, CA

Lenore Hayes

Sunday 12th May 2019, 11:22PM

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  • Dear Lenore:

    Thank you for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.  I will pass on your query to several of our Tipperary volunteers who may be able to help.

    There are several resources that you might find interesting and helpful:

    You mention the parish of Killaloe which bordered County Tipperary and adjoins the parish of Ballina.  It is worth looking at both areas for family as often there was some moving back and forth.  The Clare Library website has a lot of very good resources available online and you may find something there which is helpful.  The parish registers have been transcribed and they may be worth looking at.  The link to Killaloe parish is below:

    The above link will give you a list of what's available for Killaloe.

    Another website that you may find useful is the Tipperary Studies Website.  This is similar to the Clare Library as it has quite a lot of online sources available and in particular, due to your comment of the early 1800s, a lot of gravestone transcription work done.  This may be useful to you in trying to narrow down the location and the family of the Hayes'.

    You can look through the various sections that the website holds and you will note that there is a specific section for Genealogy.  If you scroll down to the bottom of that, you can see the Graveyard Inscriptions and click on the link.

    If you need any further assistance, please let us know.  


    Kind regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 15th May 2019, 10:27AM
  • Thank you, Jane!

    I've already found quite a bit through the Tipperary Studies site, but the Clare Library is a new source for me.

    Am looking forward to (hopefully) hearing from a Tipperary volunteer.

    Again, thank you for all that you and your organization do!




    Lenore Hayes

    Thursday 16th May 2019, 06:58PM