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Hello all, I asked a similar question awhile ago and Roger answered it. I thank him very much for the reply. My question today has to do with my Hayes ancestors. Family lore in Canada and here in the States say they came from Clonakilty to Quebec in the 1845-1855 timeframe. However I have found some records of part of the family in West Schull records (Goleen). They were for a Mick Hayes (Michael) and his wife Joanna Mullen spelled Jone Mullins, Joan Mullins and I cannot remember the 3rd on. These were the childrens Baptismal records. There were 3 records, the family had 6 children before departing Ireland. I couldnt find the other 3. This is all I have found in Ireland up to now.

I was wondering. In looking at some of the postings for the Kilmoe boards ie the St. Patricks (Goleen) Cemetery records that were transcribed to a Microsoft Word document( Thank you is definitely in order).  It lists people from Cloughanekilleen. Do you think if these people showed up in Goleen on the records my family could be mispronouncing where they were from.

Cloughanekilleen vs Clonakilty??? I have found nothing on my Hayes in Clonakilty records.

Thank you all for your time.

Mark Smith



Tuesday 13th August 2019, 09:08PM

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  • Hi 3 Mark,

    did an extensive search of all the area in the Diocese of Cork & Ross for Michael & Joan and still only found 3 children baptised and no marriage between 1800 - 1870. The three children were Denis 10th Jan. 1838, Kate 11th May 1842 and Michael, 21st Oct. 1823.

    I am attaching below a page from an address database which I created in my former career as Fire Officer for the area and which gives three spellings for the Townland. It is as you suggested that due to mispronounciation of the word or misunderstanding of the hearers, it could have been taken as being Clonakilty.

    I find it strange, given the spread of years from the first child found in 1827 to the last found in 1842, that there are no further children in the intervening years and feel that either there are missing records in the Parish or that the records were unreadable which is not uncommon. If you have the names of the other three children, it might be good to publish them here so that further searches could be done more specifically. It is also a little strange that there is no record of the marriage of Michael & Joan to be found in the area and may also suggest a loss of recvords or the records not being available before 1827.

    Hope this has been some help.

    Frankl Fahy

    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Thursday 15th August 2019, 09:39AM

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  • Sorry about "3" in my greeting, notice posted before I spotted it.


    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Thursday 15th August 2019, 09:42AM
  • Frank,

    Thank you so much for the reply. I have included a couple of images of the families I have in question. Michael Hayes had a brother John Hayes/ Mary Driscoll(O'Driscoll) that came from and to the same area as his family did in Canada. I have not found him and his family either. However I have found a record in West Schull which I believe is his brother William Hayes marrying a Mary McCarthy. The dates are relatively close to what I have already on William and Mary in my Canadian records. It also has the witnesses as Mick Hayes and Con Driscoll. So I do figure this is part of that family. But I still cannot find anything on John Hayes/Mary Driscoll and family. I hope the images help with some of the names and dates. Some may still include Clonakilty because I have not found any other records to change family lore yet.


    Thank you again Frank

    Mark Smith

    Clarkston, Michigan, US




    Friday 16th August 2019, 02:15PM

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  • Sorry I meant to say William Hayes was John Hayes and Mary Driscolls' son


    Friday 16th August 2019, 02:19PM