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Henry and Mary Ann May went to Canada

Searching for evidence of where Henry May (b. 1770) and his wife Mary Ann (unknown surname; b.1780) lived in Ireland. Their children, Samuel (b. 1811; he said he was born in Cork) and Sarah, were born in Ireland before the family left for Canada about 1823. They eventually settled in Trenton, Ontario where they farmed. 

Henry had a brother, Samuel, who also came to Canada.

Henry's son, Samuel, married Lucinda Hetherington (b. 1821) in Canada in 1840 (Carrying Place, Upper Canada). Lucinda's father, John Hetherington(b. 1779, likely Belfast) brought the family to Canada. 

I have been unable to find evidence of where the Mays and the Hetheringtons lived in Ireland prior to departing for the New World. Would love to discover more. 

Earlier attempt to locate son Sam resulted only in various other May references in Wicklow but none corresponding to names in my family, which makes me beieve the Wicklow lead is a false one. For this reason, I am going back a generation to Henry May, his brother Samuel and henry's wife, Mary Ann, and expanding beyond Wicklow. 


Wednesday 12th June 2019, 07:15PM