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I am searching for the relatives of my deceased grandfather; Vincent Joseph Hepburn 6/30/1919. He was raised by his older sister Margaret after their parents passed. I believe we have family in Carraroe. Surname(s) O’Hepburn changed to Hepburn in America. Any information or guidance to where I may find such info would be greatly appreciated! 




Wednesday 9th October 2019, 06:36PM

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  • I think I located a possible match of your Vincent Joseph Hepburn on the Billion Graves website - it shows his date of birth as the 30th June 1920, and his death as 10th September 1994 and burial at Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery. Could this be match for your Vincent ?

    A search of the US census returns show two probable matches for this Vincent - the first in 1930 where he is shown at Providence Rhode Island with his parents Patrick J. and Margaret, along with sister Marguerite and brother Francis.  All three children are shown as born Rhode Island, father Patrick J. shows as born 'Northern Ireland, and mother Margaret as born Irish Free State (i.e. Republic of Ireland). They report their year of immigration to the US as 1900 and 1905 so, if ths is accurate should appear on the 1910 and 1920 census returns, possibly with their families....

    Ten years later, still in Providence Vincent J. age 19 is shown living with  sister Margaret M. - no sign of his parents... I think the next step would be to check for additional US records for Patrick & Margaret snr, e.g. census, marriage and/or death records, immigration records or obits/death notices to see if any provide clues as to their parents names or more specific place of origin in Ireland..


    Wednesday 9th October 2019, 08:33PM



    Thank you immensely for this information and taking the time to respond. 

    Yes, most of what you have found is accurate. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Another family member, did some research a few years ago. They spoke with someone in Ireland working in a local county office that handles family records. What they found is that we have cousins in Carraroe. I know that my grandfather left Ireland on a boat when he was around 17-19 years old. The family story, is that he was with a man that planned to open a chicken farm in America. Not to be a bother, but are you aware of any such office in Galway County/Carraroe that I can contact. I tried searching online but was unsuccessful. I may not be using the correct wording for such an office. 




    Thursday 10th October 2019, 01:40PM
  • According to the US census returns Patrick J. Hepburn was born somewhere in Northern Ireland which is now part of the UK, which would mean one of the counties Armagh, Antrim, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Down or Derry/Londonderry. The only town of Carraroe I know is in Co. Galway in the west of Ireland ... although there are various smaller places around Ireland, e.g. townlands, with names like Carraroe....

    Maybe the line they looked into was Margaret's familiy, as she is shown as born in the Irish Free State now the Republic of Ireland ? Did your relative find further details of Patrick & Margaret in the US that would help trace their lines back to Ireland, e.g. deaths or marriage certs ?  Do you know Margaret's maiden surname or details of her parents ?

    At the time Patrick and Margaret were born things were a little different as all of Ireland was in the United Kingdom . Registration of births started in Ireland in 1864, so there should be registrations for both of their births (Patrick c1880 and Margaret c1890 per1930 US census) in the GRO records - which can be searched free on the IrishGenealogy website. The problem for Patrick is that without the further clues I mentioned it would be difficult to be 100% certain of any potential birth found was 'your' Patrick.... A quick search shows a birth of a possible match with a Patrick Hepburn (no middle name or intitial recorded) on the 5th October 1878* at Roscavey townland, Clogherny civil parish in Omagh registration district Co. Tyrone, parents Patrick Hepburn and Bridget McClohill[?]. Patrick snr's occupation is shown as farmer and he registered the birth on the 9th October, he 'signed' using his mark.

    (* ages on secondary sources such as deaths certs, census returns etc are not always accurate)


    Friday 11th October 2019, 09:30AM