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Honora/Norah Burgess nee Smith - Borrisokane Co. Tipperary

I'm looking for information about a Honora or Nora(h) Smith from Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary. Born in 1879/1880 to Patrick Smith & Judith/Judy Cahalan(b.1841). She had a child out of wedlock - Henry Smith(b.1904) and then emigrated shortly after - possibly to America?. I know she married a Mr. Burgess, who worked as a railway porter and he died before she did. She returns back home to Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary before her death in 1950.

I know she has one other older sister - Bridget(b.1876/1877) who marries Martin Hogan(m.1907) ad has at least 8 children.

Any information would be very helpful.



Wednesday 19th December 2018, 08:48PM

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  • Hi Eliza,
    Are you in Ireland?
    This is Nora's Death Record
    It says that her neice Delia Hogan was present at the death, the place was Kylepark. This is to the left of Borrisokane. (this was also the address on Henry Smith's birth record.
    Delia is Bridget's daughter. (Delia has an elder siater called Julia.)
    In    Delia married in 1955 but this doesn't say who to.
    this is Nora's mother's death
    1901 this is Nora at home

    Hope this is a help.




    Friday 21st December 2018, 01:16PM
  • Hi Margot

    Thanks for your help, and yes I am in Ireland :) . I have found this information already. I know Delia marries a man named Christopher Carty/Carthy in 1955, but I don't know anymore beyond that. 

    I thought perhaps some of Delia's family might know some more about Nora, even perhaps where she is buried. I know Nora's sister Bridget Hogan is buried in the Old Terryglass Cemetery along with her husband. But I couldn't find any Burgess or even Carty/Carthy's in that cemetery.

    Thanks again for your help Margot


    Friday 21st December 2018, 11:11PM
  • Hi Eliza,
    I have looked at all the Tipperary lists for graves, can't see them either.

    In the Ardcroney list, it has my Grandfather and Grandmother listed.
    My Grandfather was burried in Modreeny. 
    He was burried with His Mother, Father Grandmother and Grandfather and also 2 Uncles. the graves are in a row, the names are weathered away.
    The only way you would find out is to find who the Funeral Director was, then ask them where they were burried.
    I am always looking around graveyards so if I ever see any I will take a picture.



    Saturday 22nd December 2018, 11:52AM
  • Thanks Margot. 

    I can try look for funeral directors, who were around in the 1950's. Not sure how far back their records would go, but its worth a shot.



    Sunday 23rd December 2018, 02:55PM

    Hi Eliza 

    We seem to have missed your post which has been up for some time 

    I believe we have some further information which may be of interest to you 

    Can you write to our Kilbarron Terryglass mail at


    Bill Ryan/Helen Fox 

    Terryglass Kilbarron Ireland Reaching Volunteers


    Tuesday 8th October 2019, 12:02PM
  • Hi Eliza,

    Unfortunately I don't have any information regarding Norah for you. However, it is with interest that I note the Smith/Cahalan connection.

    My great-grandfather John Smith (b. 1843 to John Smith and Catherine Walkins), from Lorrha, emigrated to Australia in 1864 and was sponsored by Michael Cahalan. John was born in Abbeville, which is only a stone's throw from Borrisokane... John married Mary Darcy (b. 1846 in Terryglass to James Darcy and Catherine Mara) shortly after her arrival in 1866 in the town of Braidwood, NSW with James Cahalan as a witness. 

    It is fairly obvious that the Smiths and Cahalans knew each other - do you have any further ion on Patrick Smith and Judith Cahalan?




    Tuesday 28th April 2020, 08:19PM
  • Hi Mario

    Thats really intersting, I love finding out new pieces of information about this.

    When you say your great-grandfather was sponsored by Michael Cahalan - do you mean baptismal sponsor or an immigration sponsor?

    I have baptismal records for both Patrick Smith & Judy Cahalan, I have their marriage record, and their death records also. I also have the baptismal records of their siblings, and the death records of their parents. I can send them onto you if you are interested?

    Thanks for getting in touch, I'd love to hear more about your family history, if you'd be willing to share

    All the best




    Wednesday 29th April 2020, 01:30PM
  • Hi Eliza,

    Michael Cahalan was John Smith's immigration sponsor. I'm fairly certain that the Cahalan family lived in the same townland (Cornalack) as the Darcy family in Terryglass at the time of Mary's birth so believe that all 3 families knew each other...

    I'd be very keen to compare notes so please contact me at the following email address:





    Thursday 30th April 2020, 08:29PM