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How was it spelt!

My g grandfather was born 1846 in Ireland !  however, my dna is from  Co Mayo/ Sligo according to Ancestry   -   could be the origin of my maiden name.  My maiden name was spelt GRACHAN   - has been recorded as GRAHON GREHAN GRAGHAN GREGHAN GREAGHAN  - but finding the marriage of his parents John and Mary !!!  is proving impossible 

One dna match has a William Grehan born at Ballycastle 1855  his father was Pat.

My g grandfather Martin came to Australia as a 10 year old with his mother and older brother Michael b 1837 (according to a court case) However, because of the numerous spelling variations  I have not been able to find his arrival into Australia This is all I know   He died in 1885 so a lot of family history does not exist.    Looking at records the surname could have been spelt Gaughan Greahan in Ireland  

I will continue reading the messages posted here and your articles.    One day my wall will crumble.     I have seen other surnames in persons posts that are found in the family trees of my dna matches


Sunday 22nd November 2020, 01:30AM

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  • Hi, What Port did they land?
    Trove have the Ports to search by, then the year.
    I don't have access to Trove now, sorry.
    You won't find hardly any early Births and Marriages. Deaths avery few. Church records are very few. 
    Civil records are from 1864.
    BUT, there are places to search.
    I searched Gre* and found a William Grehan in Doonfeeny, in the Diocese of Kilalla, in 1834. This is in the area of Ballycastle.
    Others close by, see this link..............
    The Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-37 (

     Church Records
    Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI

    Let me know the Port and I will see if I can find the family.


    Sunday 22nd November 2020, 09:15AM