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Hugh James Leo McKenna

I am searching for my members of my mother's family who lived at 16 Ann Street, Millford Village, Armagh.  Any information you could provide will be much appreciated.

My mother's great grandfather Hugh McKenna was baptised Mar 1859 at Derrynoose, Armagh, Ireland, Parish of Keady. I have been unable to locate any record of his death after the 1911 census but have been assured that he never moved from 16 Ann Street. 

Her great grandmother Annie Corr was born  6 Feb 1864 in Stewardstown, Co. Tyrone.  They married 18 Feb 1884 at  the R.C. Chapel in Armagh.  Annie does not apper in the 1911 cenus, where Hugh is a widower.  My best info is that she passed the 1st quarter of 1910 in Armagh.

Their son Hugh James Leo McKenna was born the last quarter of 1893, registerd Armagh, most likely in Millford Village.  He served in WW1 and died in France. In 2016 an elderly neighbor who knew the family recalled that his picture in uniformsat in a prominent place in his father's living room.  I am rather unhappy that his memory has been so lost and would love to find any record of him. 

Their daughter Mary Ann McKenna was born the last quarter of 1884 in Armagh.  She married Francis McNaughton March 1913. According to a child she babysat, this marriage did not produce any children. She died 4 Mar 1946 in Millford and is said to have been interred at the R.C. Cathedral cemetery in Armagh.

Their daughter Ellen McKenna was born abt 1885.  I have not found any records for Ellen.

Their son Vicent Henry McKenna was born 7 Jul 1887 in Millford. He married Mary Limna of Co. Down. They immigrated to Wyandotte [near Detroit] Michigan in 1909-1912 having travelled back and forth though Canada several times.  During their 1909 visit they had their 1st son, my grandfather.  I have a great deal of detail on their lives.

Their daughter Sarah Jane Clare McKenna was born 21 Jun 1890 and baptised 22 Jun 1890 at Armagh.  I was told by the neighbor that: (a) Sarah Jane never married and lived with her father until his death and afterwards stayed at 16 Ann Street until her own death; (b) Sarah worked at the Millford textile factory; (c) In abt 1948 Sarah died from a stroke during Mass at the R.C. Cathedral in Armagh, which should have been "news."; and (d) Sarah was buried at St. Pat's Armagh "near the low gates" with her sister Mary Ann but no family was left to place a headstone.

Thank you for your attention.

Abigail R Eynon







Sunday 23rd February 2020, 02:27PM

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