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I'm wondering if you could help me in finding some info on about my biological father.  I been told his name was Hugh Cahill Rogers born around Kilkeel about 1935 , his father was also called Hugh Rogers which is why he used Cahill as a first name when young.  I know he went into the R.A.F where he met my mum in Ely/Cambridge about 1963/64. She choose NOT to tell him about me. I seek only to find out about my past not to cause problems. If you can help i would be grateful.

Ian Rogers

Saturday 3rd Jul 2021, 12:28PM

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  • Hi
    Have you tried DNA testing?
    Might help you find paternal relatives?
    Good luck with your search.


    Saturday 3rd Jul 2021, 02:27PM
  • Thanks for reply have got my DNA results on ancestry. Got me so far but not quite able to find last jigsaw pieces. My second cousin's family say he definitely came from Kilkeel area. Unfortunately my mum will not help so I put my faith in others help.
    Regards Ian

    Ian Rogers

    Saturday 3rd Jul 2021, 04:41PM
  • Births in Northern Ireland within the past 100 years, marriages within the past 75 and deaths within the past 50 aren’t searchable on-line. They are open to the public, just not on-line. If you know all the key details eg exact date and place of birth, parents names etc, you can order a copy of a certificate from GRONI for £15 (sterling).

    But if you don’t have all the information, you need to get in touch with them to get a search done.  They will do a 5 year search for £7 and if they find a matching certificate you can purchase it for £8, coming to a total of £15. It will be posted to you a few days later. You pay over the phone using a credit card. You type your number in on the phone keypad. They don’t know what it is.  They won’t deal with these searches and orders by e-mail or post because they need you to type the credit card number in yourself.

    Phone: 0300 200 7890 (+44 300 200 7890 from outside the UK)

    A Hugh Rogers married an Elizabeth Kearney on 30.4.1940 in Newry & Mourne district (which includes Kilkeel). You can view that certificate on the GRONI site for £2.50.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 3rd Jul 2021, 05:42PM
  • Hi
    I sympathise when you just can't get the answers you want!
    Maybe look at 3rd or even 4th cousins in your dna matches it worked for me.
    Have you considered contacting the church in the area?
    Another idea is a request for any info on your father or his family in the local paper?
    I wish you luck in getting your answers.


    Saturday 3rd Jul 2021, 08:57PM
  • Thank you all, looks as though I will be busy.

    Ian Rogers

    Sunday 4th Jul 2021, 04:36PM

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