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My Hunt family lived in Clonganiff and Clonganhue in the first half of the 19th century.. I believe that these are two names for the same place, but Clonganiff is the more recent name. My g-g-grandfather was Thomas Hunt (1816-1908), son of Thomas (listed as a "gentleman" in church records) and Mary Hunt - baptized a Catholic, although the Hunts were largely an Anglo-Irish, Protestant family. My g-g-grandfather's siblings were Elizabeth, William, Vere Robert, Constance Charity, Fitzmaurice, Henry Hiet, and Francis. I have marriage records for Thomas and Mary and baptismal and marriage records for a number of the children.

What I cannot do is connect my Hunts to the Thomas and William Hunt who were bequeathed land in Clonganiff by Vere Dawson Hunt who died in 1792. My Hunts emigrated to Canada and Chicago, by way of upstate New York. We are connected via multiple DNA matches to the offspring of the Henry Hunt who married Elizabeth Bradshaw. Does anyone here know how Thomas and William Hunt (heirs of Clonganiff from Ever Dawson Hunt) were connected to Vere Dawson? Were they Vere Dawson's brothers, sons, nephews, cousins? What were the brthdates and any other relevant info about that Thomas and William Hunt?

There was also a Bernard Hunt (b 1817 in Cappawhite) who emigrated to Chicago. He is claerly connected my Hunt family. How was Bernard conected to Vere Dawson and to us? I've been trying to figure out this mystery for 30 years. Any info you can share about the Hunts or Clonganiff would be most appreciated.

Kate in PA

Friday 26th November 2021, 09:16PM

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