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I am researching the Hussey family from the Kiltullagh area.  A James Hussey is buried in Granlanhan cemetery (1761 - 1839) and this may be the ancestor connection I'm looking for.  Son John emigrated to USA in about 1835.  If anyone has any information about Hussey people in Kiltullagh I'd appreciate hearing from them.  Thank you.


Sunday 14th June 2020, 08:30PM

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  • Nick Geraghty

    Thursday 18th June 2020, 08:22AM
  • Nick Geraghty

    Thursday 18th June 2020, 08:25AM
  • Nick, thank you for the information.  I will certainly check these sites out.   Have you ever heard of a small town in Kiltullagh referred to as Hussey Mountain?  My g-grandfather referenced this as his birthplace.

    Kay Frederickson


    Friday 19th June 2020, 01:13PM
  • Hi Kay,

    I most certainly have as my own family originated from the same area going back to the 1830's & beyond way back to the 12Cen.

    To be clear, Kitullagh is the Irish name of the parish and translated from Irish* the meaning of Cill*=Church & *Tulaigh = hill. So Kiltullagh simply means Churh on the Hill. The reference to "Hussey Mountain" may have been a local famiily name they used for this location & would indicate that they lived in close proximity to the old Church of which the reamians are still standing (just).

    I've been there many times over the last 30 years or so & have family ties in the townland of Spring Gardens in the village of Granlahan & Gorteenacammdil in the village of Cloonfad both of which would have been in the parish of Kitullagh as this time. 

    The area in question would be the villages of Granlahan or Cloonfad ( see encl. map) so in terms of genealogy research & to assist your search you would be looking for the following criteria

    Townland = ?                 Parish = Kiltullagh, Village = Cloonfad or Granlahan, Barony = Athlone, County = Roscommon

    Please find enclosed image which I trust you will find of interest & if you wish to drop me an email I can look oit some more info for you with pleasure. 

    Slainte ( good health)

    Nick Geraghty

    Saturday 20th June 2020, 10:22AM

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  • Liberty789:

    I have just stumbled upon your post looking for a "Hussey Mountain" in County Roscommon. Finding it, indicates to me the possibility that the John Hussey you mentioned above that immigrated to the US about 1835 was my great-great grandfather, and, if he is, I would love for you to share any info you might have. Here is the Find A Grave website that shows a photo of my namesake, John Hussey's final resting place in Weston, W Virginia:

    His tombstone indicates that he was born Aug 6, 1816 "At Hussey Mountain, Roscommon County, Ireland" and died Mar 28, 1879 at 62 years of age.


    John Hussey

    Jacksonville, Florida

    John Hussey

    Wednesday 25th November 2020, 12:17AM
  • John, it appears we share a great grandfather.  I have sent a message to your e-mail address and hope to hear from you soon,

    Kay Frederickson


    Wednesday 25th November 2020, 02:46AM
  • Hello Kay / John,

    Was reading your message with interest and thought would get in touch.
    Our maternal GGM was Anne ní Hussey from Castlequarter and married Thomas O'Rourke, May 1885 lived in Moigh Lower, Kiltullagh. Perhaps a connection?

    Mary Walsh
    New Zealand.


    Sunday 18th April 2021, 07:48AM
  • Further to, correction actually is Ann not Anne as previously stated. She was born 1856 to John Hussey and Kate ní Rogers, in Kiltullagh. Check out the 1901 Census for the Household list by surname for Castlequarter, Kiltullagh!
    There are numerous Hussey households listed so they were certainly very prolific in this area! Hope this helps!

    Kind regards


    Sunday 18th April 2021, 08:03AM