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Hello I am looking for any information on a family name of Hutchinson (Hutchison variants). My ggg grandfather Daniel Hutchinson was born in Ahascragh in 1819. When I visited Ireland I found out Hutchinson was not a traditional irish name. Any background about this surname would be helpful thank you! 



Saturday 8th Aug 2020, 12:37AM

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  • MacLysaght’s “Surnames of Ireland” says: “(Mac) Cutcheon. A branch of the Scottish clan MacDonald - Mac Uisdin in Scottish Gaelic and Mac Uistin in Irish. The name is cognate with Hutchinson. Hutchin being a diminutive of Hugh. There are 9 variant Anglicized forms eg MacQuestion, MacWhiston, Houston. Kitchen is a synonym in Co Down and Hutchinson in Scotland.”

    This site shows you where the names was commonly found in Ireland in the mid 1800s. Primarily in Ulster, which was heavily settled by Scots in the 1600s.

    So, in short you are probably looking at Scottish roots.


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 8th Aug 2020, 02:34AM
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