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I don't know where they came from!

Elizabeth Calahan/Cahlan, born 1827 "Munster" on one census married 1858 Denis Sullivan (1825-1906). Denis was born in St Andrew's Middlesex, his father James Sullivan (a "plasterer") was born in 1797 in "Cork" and married Ellen ?? in Ireland. They arrived in London before the 1841 census. Is anybody able to help me try and put some more flesh on these bare bones? I do have other bits of information and guesses. Thank you so much




Tuesday 26th November 2019, 04:32PM

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  • Hi Miriam Thanks so much for getting back to me. Now trawling through every little piece of information that might help - there is not much!  Elaina





    Thursday 28th November 2019, 05:28PM
  • Hi Miriam - here is all I know. 

    1.         JAMES SULLIVAN (b.c.1797 Cork) and wife ELLEN c.1803, Cork. (Information as to her name & birth from British census 1841-1871 inc.) married in Ireland.


    2.         They had a daughter HANNAH (possibly more children, but none on 1841 census) in about 1823. UK census returns give Cork and once 'Munster' as place of birth.


    3.         Between 1823 (Hannah's birth) and 1825, the birth of DENIS the  family moved to London. (Denis's place of birth is given as St Andrew's, Middlesex).


    4.         Sons JAMES (1830), JOHN (1840) and EDWARD (1844) born in St Andrews, Middlesex (the GRO brings  up no surname matches for John and Edward and I suspect the children were not registered).


    5.         DENIS Sullivan (1825-1906, Middlesex) married ELIZABETH CAHLAN (spelling variously Cahalan/Challin/Cahline/Charlan/Charline - these latter 4 on birth registrations. C.1881 Elizabeth states she was" formerly a farmer's wife". This ties in with a comment her grandson made namely that his grandfather had been a farmer in Ireland.


    6.         Parents of Elizabeth Cahlan were Denis Cahlan c.1786 and Mary c.1803. First sighting of Denis Cahlan (Cahalan) and Mary were in 1851 census, living in same area as  their daughter Elizabeth and husband Denis Sullivan.




    Saturday 30th November 2019, 06:54PM