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In tracking my grandfather's birth cert for a dual passport application, I have done well. I found my great grandfather's name FRANK (not Francis) Walsh and his wife, Margaret Farraher (or sometimes Farriher) and have myself visited their cottage in Shrule many times (listed as Brodella, Boherbee or Brodullah or Shrule--if someone can explain that to me I'd be grateful) but here's the thing: Frank was born in 1834, married Margaret in 1861 and dutifully (according to their baptismal records) produced:

Peter in 1863

Mary in 1866

Cath in 1868

John in 1873

Winny in 1875 

Margaret in 1876

Pat Frank (a locally famous musician) in 1877

and the one I am searching for, Michael J Walsh in 1882. (I can't find a birth cert or baptismal record for him, naturally, and that the one I need! Any help would be very welcome before I have to cough up a fortune to someone over there to dig it up.)

But, here's the rub--in 1871, when old Frank seems to have given Margaret a break for breeding, another child named Mary was baptised at Shrule, born of Margaret Henehan (!) and FRANK (not Francis) Walsh. Shrule is not a very big place and Frank (not the saintly Francis) not a usual name. Was this a bit of hanky-panky on Frank's part and would the Church have baptised an illegitimate child born of the union between an unmarried woman and a married man? (It may be why Frank (died 1913) is buried in Shrule's St. Joe's cemetery with only his name on the tombstone?

Does anyone know about this sort of thing? 

Thanks in




Monday 29th January 2018, 04:14AM

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  • Hi Kitt,

    Not sure about the illigimitacy question but I hope this record from may save you the fortune you mentioned:

    Name:Michael Walsh

    Date of Birth:04-Feb-1879
    Registration Date:

    Parish/District:Cong district


    CountyCo. Mayo
    Denomination:Civil Parish
    Father:Francis Walsh

    Mother:Margaret Faragher


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 29th January 2018, 05:10AM
  • Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Monday 29th January 2018, 09:29AM
  • Hi Kitt,

    Your comments about Ireland in the 1870's are very unkind.

    Please take a look at the actual record. Mary Walsh's parents are clearly listed as Frank Walsh & Margaret Farragher.


    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Monday 29th January 2018, 09:32AM
  • Gentlemen, You are both magnificent and I thank you (especially you Col for saving that fortune). Gerard, unkind? Oh no. I was willing to stand in admiration at the stamina of Frank--to have all those children and then manage to have a love affair that produced another (sinful though it was). I did find, after checking for a few more hours, that Mary WAS born of Frank and Margaret and where Margaret HENEHAN came in is anybody's guess. (Having wandered knee deep in Walsh, Sheehan, Brennan, McCarty's and Cassidy's for days now, given the variety of the spellings, the total invention of some names shouldn't surprise me.) I will beg forgiveness of the shade of my great-grandfather and thank you both so very much. I seek you out to stand you to a pint (or a cup of tea) next time I am over. Many thanks. Kitt


    Tuesday 30th January 2018, 05:46AM