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Hi there. My maiden name is Delaney and I'm 4th generation Irish decent. Looking for more details on my GG grandfather, Morris Delan(e)y.He was born in Ireland and immigrated to Ontario, Canada as a young man. I found a Catholic Parish register baptismal record dated June 10, 1821, Rathfarnham. His parents I think are Patt Delany and Margaret Fitzpatrick. I'm not sure where exactly Morris was born & raised or where his parents were from in Ireland. I found a marriage registered for Patt Delany and Mary Fitzpatrick for Aug 31,1821 from Ballinakill (Cullina)Galway. So were they from that area? Why would their son be baptized in Rathfarham?I wonder where they are buried? Morris might have gone to the US initially before settling in Renfrew County, Ontario but I have no information on when/how he came. Once in Ontario, he married an Irish woman named Julia McGrath(1815-1880) in 1849 and they had a son, Michael(1850-1933) but she might have been a widow with the last name Navin or Nevin. I found census records from 1851 Grattan, Renfrew, Ontario listing Morris and Julia as age 30, then 4 children with last name Nevin(Catherine, John, Julia and Johanna). There is no son Michael listed which makes me think he came after?Also the name Patrick Nevin (1815-1849) shows up as her husband sometimes. The 1861 & 1871 Renfrew, Ontario census doesn't show Morris Delaney living with his wife or children. I wonder where he went and where he died? Sorry this was so long. Any more information you could provide would be very welcome. Thank you! I visited Ireland for the first time Aug/19 and was so happy to be there! Colleen (Delaney) Hulme, Toronto, Ont, Cda. 


Colleen Hulme

Saturday 13th February 2021, 09:14PM

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  • Hello Collen,  My name is Peter Callaghan and My Wife is a Mary Fitzpatrick and I noticed a Magret Fitzpatrick mentioned on your Enquirey.  I did a little checking and was able to verify that Morris Baptism was 10th June 1821.  But It only mentioned the Mothers married name not maiden name.

     Morris of Patt & Margaret Delany Baptism 10th June 1821 in Rathfarnham,Dublin,Ireland. (Irish Genealogy Site) Names are Spelt as on Document.

    Canada Census 1851
    Garattan,County Renfrew,West Ontario,Canada.
    Morise Delanie age 30yrs Birth Year 1821 Ireland
    Julia McGraw age 30yrs Birth Year 1821 Ireland
    John Nevin age 13yrs Birth Year 1838 Ireland
    Julia Nevin age 11yrs Birth Year 1840 Ireland
    Johanna Nevin age 4yrs Birth Year 1847        (FindMypast Site)

    I couldn't Find any information on Patrick Delaney or Margaret Fitzpatrick. If you have anymore information on Morris's Father and Mother that would be a big Help. The information proves his Father was a Patrick Delaney and that the Mothers first name is Margaret but was her maiden name Fitzpatrick?  I hope this information helps you in your Search.

    All the Best



    Monday 22nd February 2021, 06:24AM
  • Hi Peter. Thank you for responding to my inquiry and the research you did. Very nice of you! Interesting how Morris' name changed on the census. Years ago my dad's cousin told my brother Paul that Morris came here from Ireland and eventually married the widow Nevin. They had a son, Michael, my great grandfather. I'll keep digging...

    Thanks again, 



    Colleen Hulme

    Saturday 6th March 2021, 07:55PM