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Interpretation of 1654 Civil Survey entry for Ballycapple, Parish of Modreeny, Tipperary


The attached file is an extract from pages 285 & 286 of Simington's 1934 publication of the "Civil Survey 1654-1656 County of Tipperary Vol II".

I am trying to understand what the various proprietors were entitled to. I know the two ploughlands referred to the 200 acres of arable land; the rest would have been unfenced and held in common. Consequently, the "one pld one quarter, one eight pt of a pld" held by Richard Butler would have been about 138 acres of this arable land. Both Duncuan Kenedy and Mathew Kenedy would have held 25 acres each of the arable land.

I suspect that the words "Meire", "Myer" and "Mier" are all variations of "Meare" as in "meared & bounded". However, I don't understand what the "one halfe a quarter Meare" held by Richard Butler, Owen Kenedy, Bryen Kenedy and Donogh Donoghow would have entitled them to. I have not seen this particular phrase in any of the other entries in the Civil Survey.

Any comments?


Dave Kennedy


Monday 11th February 2019, 08:15PM

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